Everything About Sepp Blatter’s ex-wife Graziella Bianca

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Who is Graziella Bianca, ex-wife of Sepp Blatter ?

Graziella Bianca, a 61-year-old(40 when she married with Sepp Blatter in 2022), works as dolphin trainer and best known for being Sepp Blatter’s ex-wife. Sepp Blatter, the former Swiss football administrator and eighth President of FIFA. Although details about her personal net worth remain undisclosed, Sepp Blatter has an estimated net worth of $40 million, earning $6 million from his role as a Swiss professional football executive.

Quick Facts About Graziella Bianca

Name Graziella Bianca
Profession Dolphin Trainer
Spouse Sepp Blatter
Net Worth $40 million(Her Ex Husband’s)
Age 61 years old

Career: What is Graziella Bianca’s profession?

Graziella Bianca had a distinctive profession as a dolphin trainer. This is a role in which individuals work closely with dolphins, training them to perform tricks and routines. While many may dream of such a job, only a few get to live this reality. Graziella was employed at a Swiss park named Conny Land but chose to leave after 18 months due to concerns about animal treatment.

Sepp Blatter’s ex-wife Graziella Bianca

Personal life: Who was Graziella Bianca’s Husband?

Graziella was previously married to Sepp Blatter in December 2002, the FIFA president from 2002 to 2004. Sepp Blatter, however, has been known to be involved with several women over the years, including a recent association with Linda Barras, a 49-year-old.

Sepp’s Marital and Relationship History

To date, Sepp has been involved in a total of three official wedding ceremonies and two significant relationships.

His first marriage was to Liliane Biner, with whom he shared a daughter Corrine.

In 1981, Sepp married Barbara Kaser, the daughter of Helmut Kaser, the general secretary of FIFA. Their union lasted nearly a decade until Barbara tragically passed away following a complex surgical procedure.

Subsequent to Barbara’s passing, Sepp entered a relationship with Ilona Boguska, a close friend of his daughter, followed by a relationship with Graziella Bianca.

Presently, Sepp have girlfriend Linda Barras who is around 49 years old.

Net Worth and Salary: How much is Graziella Bianca’s Earnings per Year?

While Graziella’s personal net worth remains undisclosed, Graziella Bianca had a distinctive profession as a dolphin trainer but she never mentioned her net worth online. On the other hand, Graziella’s ex-husband Sepp Blatter have a net worth of $40 million, earning a salary of $6 million.

Interesting Facts about Graziella Bianca

  • Graziella’s decision to leave her job at Conny Land was because of her concerns regarding the treatment of the animals.
  • She married Sepp Blatter despite the age difference and the whirlwind of controversies surrounding him.

FAQ About Graziella Bianca

  • Did Graziella have any children with Sepp Blatter?
    • No, they did not have any children together.
  • How did Graziella meet Sepp Blatter?
    • She was friends with Sepp’s daughter Corrine.

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