Everything About Sepp Blatter’s Girlfriend Linda Barras

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Who is Linda Barras, Girlfriend of Sepp Blatter?

Linda Barras, born in 1964 in Switzerland, is notably recognized as the girlfriend of the former FIFA President, Sepp Blatter. With Swiss nationality and Christian beliefs, this 59-year-old has managed to keep most of her life under wraps, including her specific birth date, hence her zodiac sign remains unknown.

A woman of medium height and build, Linda’s physical attributes include a height of 5 ft 7 in and a weight of approximately 60 kg, with brown hair and eyes. Linda’s romantic history highlights two significant partners: her ex-husband, millionaire estate Christian Barras, and her current partner since 2014, Sepp Blatter. From her previous marriage, she is the mother of two daughters, whose details remain private.

Quick Facts About Linda Barras

Name Linda Barras
Date of Birth 1964
Age 59
Place of Birth Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Religion Christianity
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.74 m)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Husband/Boyfriend Sepp Blatter (current partner), Christian Barras (ex-husband)
Children Two daughters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

Early Life and Personal Background

Born in 1964 in Switzerland, Linda Barras holds Swiss nationality. She remains quite private about her personal life, leaving many aspects of her early life and family unknown to the public.

Linda Barras is known to have completed her secondary education in Switzerland, but her further educational background is yet to be disclosed.

Relationship with Sepp Blatter

Linda Barras’s association with Sepp Blatter has brought her into the limelight. Sepp Blatter, known for his role as the eighth President of FIFA between 1998 and 2015, has had an eventful personal life with three marriages under his belt. In 2014, Blatter entered a long-term relationship with Linda Barras. The couple, despite their age gap of 28 years, seems unfazed by it and has repeatedly stated their contentment. Sepp Blatter was married Graziella Bianca before getting involved with Linda.

Linda Barras Sepp Blatter Girlfriend

Interestingly, it’s believed that their paths first crossed at a charity event in 2008, which was organized by Barras. Furthermore, Linda is also known to be good friends with Blatter’s niece.

Before Blatter, Linda Barras was married to millionaire Christian Barras. Notably, when Linda and Sepp started their relationship, she was still in the midst of her divorce proceedings with Christian.

Professional Life and Net Worth of Linda Barras

Linda’s professional career remains a topic of curiosity. While specifics about her job or career are currently under review, we know she is a businesswoman with a golden heart. On the other hand, Sepp Blatter, during his tenure as FIFA’s president, amassed a net worth of roughly $40 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About Linda:

  1. Who is Linda Barras?
    • Linda Barras is best known as the girlfriend of the former President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter.
  2. When did Linda and Sepp Blatter start dating?
    • The couple began their relationship in 2014.
  3. What is known about Linda’s previous marriage?
    • Before her relationship with Sepp, Linda was married to millionaire Christian Barras.
  4. Do Linda and Sepp have children together?
    • No, the couple doesn’t have children together. Linda has two daughters from her previous marriage to Christian Barras, while Sepp has a daughter from his first marriage to Liliane Biner.
  5. What is Linda’s nationality?
    • Linda Barras is of Swiss nationality.
  6. Is Linda active on social media?
    • As of now, Linda Barras is not known to be active on any major social media platforms.

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