Everything About Renee Hrapmann Dozier: Brian Dozier wife

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Who is Brian Dozier wife Renee Hrapmann Dozier?

Renee Hrapmann Dozier is primarily known for her sports background and association with her husband, Brian Dozier. The reason I say that’s I have seen her meetup site profile where she says the reason behind linking the Twin Cities social cycling was becoming a better cyclist rather than do it alone!

Early Life of Renee Hrapmann Dozier


Brian Dozier’s spouse first name that she get from her parents was Renee Hrapmann, also she was a midfielder for Southern Mississippi’s soccer squad back in the mid-2000s. She is originally from New Orleans, plus they frequently fly between the towns. My guess is that she is just as spiritual like Brian Dozier, who Bleacher Report once sort of clarified as an evangelist. 

We try to find Renee Hrapmann Dozier age, but she didn’t mention her birthday anywhere on social media or any online platform.

Name Renee Hrapmann ( Renee Hrapmann Dozier)
Date of Birth
Place of Birth New Orleans
Country   United States
Net worth $5 Million – $6 Million 2021
Age          Around 25-28 years(Brian Dozier)
Wife/Husband Brian Dozier
Profession Baseball player

Renee Dozier Education

Renee Hrapmann Dozier is not just known for her association with professional baseball player Brian Dozier but also for her own achievements. Let’s delve into her educational journey:

  • University of Southern Mississippi:

    • Renee attended this prestigious institution during the mid-2000s.
    • She wasn’t just a regular student; Renee was an active athlete, showcasing her skills on the soccer field.
    • As a midfielder, she made significant contributions to the University’s soccer team, displaying both leadership and athletic prowess.
  • High School:

    • While specific details about her high school education aren’t available from the provided information, considering her athletic involvement in college, it’s plausible to assume she may have been actively involved in sports during her high school years as well.
  • Further Education:

    • The search results don’t offer further insights into her post-university educational path. Whether she pursued further studies, specialized training, or other courses remains unknown.

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Renee Dozier likes to go out there and join in spouse Renee Dozier likes to go out there and join in actions. It appears like a charmed life. The .1 activity is, of course, attending a lot of baseball games. Minneapolis is among the greatest cities in the USA. She has got a spot to live it up.

Married Life

This beautiful and beautiful lady Renee and Brian Dozier got married on January 4, 2014, LA Dodgers. Renee and Brian Dozier got married to fulfill her other half.


As we know Renee and Brian Dozier got married on January 4, 2014, but so far no kiddies for these cuties couple. When they aren’t at the field, the Doziers are outdoors, they like to go hunting and fishing.

Renee Hrapmann Dozier Net Worth

  • Estimated Net Worth:

    • As of 2021, Renee Hrapmann Dozier’s net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $6 million.
  • Relationships and Association:

    • Renee Hrapmann Dozier is married to Brian Dozier, a known baseball player in the Major League Baseball (MLB).
  • Sports Background:

    • In the mid-2000s, Renee was an active sportsperson, playing as a midfielder for the Southern Mississippi’s soccer squad.
  • Career and Financial Path:

    • Detailed information about Renee Hrapmann Dozier’s career after her sports stint and her financial path remains limited and is not readily available in the public domain.
  • Comparison with Other Personalities’ Net Worth:

    • Tom Izzo: A renowned basketball coach, whose net worth is around $15 million in 2023, as per certain sources. Another estimate suggests it could be closer to $13 million in the same year.

Renee Hrapmann Dozier Social Profiles

Renee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reneehdozier/

Mrs.Dozier Twitter: https://twitter.com/reneedozier/