Everything About Gianni Jansen: Kenley Jansen Wife

Who is Gianni Jansen?

Gianni Jansen is Kenley Jansen wife, a famous baseball player from the Island of Curacao. Born as Gianni Francisca, she married Kenley in 2016 and changed her name to Gianni Jansen. She is 34 years old and works as a Sales & Marketing Management / Consultant and Real Estate Agent. She graduated from the Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean and enjoys going to NBA games and traveling to beaches.

Although her net worth is not known, her husband’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Gianni also has a stepdaughter named Natalia Hannah Jansen from Kenley’s previous relationship. She treats Natalia like her own daughter and also has a son named Kaden Isaiah Jansen with Kenley.

Gianni Jansen
Name Gianni Francisca ( Gianni Jansen after marriage)
Date of Birth not found
Place of Birth Island of Curacao
Country   United States
Net worth $20 millions (Kenley Jansen’s net worth)
Age          34 years
Wife/Husband Kenley Jansen
Profession Sales & Marketing Management / Consultant

Early Life

The first name that she was given by her parents was Gianni Francisca. We tried to find Gianni birthday and other early life information but no record we found online anywhere but just that she was living in the Island of Curacao.

She was not very prominent before marring to Kenley Jansen the famous baseball player who is known as Cucacaoan Pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Kenly Jansen used to play first as an outfielder, subsequently switched to third base and after some time he becomes catcher & first base.

Later in March 2016, he announced about he was getting married to Gianni Francisca with whom he was dating for last two years, which become his wife as Gianni Jansen after marriage. Before marriage, they were enjoying their lives mostly with traveling.

Is Gianni Jansen married? Who is Gianni Jansen Husband?

In August 2016 Kenly Jansen wife gave birth to their first child. The name of the child is Kaden Isaiah Jansen.

gianni jansen son kaden

Gianni also has a stepdaughter named as Natalia Hannah Jansen which is the daughter of Kenley Jansen from his ex-girlfriend. Natalia Hannah Jansen was born on March 16, 2013.  Gianni is taking care of the stepdaughter Natalia Hannah Jansen. Gianni treats her stepdaughter in a very good manner like she is her own daughter.


She never announced about her education significantly, but from her social media account we found some data about her education record. She went to Hogeschool for Economische Studie. After her school, she joined Radulphus College and after that graduated from the Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean.


There is not too much data about her carrier but simple information that after her education she is working as a Real Estate Agent. Gianni also works as a Sales & Marketing Management / Consultant. In her Facebook profile she wrote that she is Managing Director of Loftier Living.

Physical State of Gianni Jansen

Her physical appearance is not mentioned with exact facts but from her pictures, we can say that the following data is correct somehow:

  • Age:  not found.
  • Weight: not mention anywhere online.
  • Height: also not mentioned.
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black

Favorite Things

Gianni Jansen favorite thing is to go to NBA games. She also likes to travel to the beaches.

Challenges and Successes she Faced

During Gianni first pregnancy, She had a maternity photo shoot done on the beach which she shared with people on social media. During the pregnancy and after the birth, Gianni documented all of it on her social media odyssey.

What is Gianni Jansen’s Net Worth?: How much is Gianni Jansen salary per year?

Gianni Jansen may not be a household name for everyone, but for those in the world of baseball, her association with a notable figure makes her rather familiar. Known primarily for her relationship with Kenley Jansen, a renowned professional baseball player, Gianni has also carved out her own path in the world of sales and marketing. Here’s a closer look at her estimated net worth and what’s known about her financial standing.

Net Worth:

    • Gianni Jansen’s net worth is reported to be somewhere in the ballpark  of $2 million to $20 million.
    • Given the broad range, there’s a significant amount of variability in the estimates.
    • It’s important to keep in mind that a person’s net worth can change over time due to a multitude of factors.
  • Factors Influencing Net Worth:

    • Investments: Depending on where and how she invests, the returns or losses can impact overall wealth.
    • Earnings: As her career evolves, so do her earnings.
    • Expenses: Lifestyle choices, philanthropy, and other spending habits play a role in net worth.
    • Gianni’s Career: Though not as extensively documented as her husband’s baseball career, Gianni works as a sales and marketing manager.

    • Specific details about her earnings, endorsements, or other income sources are scarce, we can estimate from her husband  Kenley jansen net worth.


She seemed to be not involved in any serious relationship before Kenley Jansen. She remained in relation to her husband for two years and after that, they got married.

gianni francisca

Social Media Accounts of Gianni Jansen

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