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Everything About Raina Patricia: Matt Patricia wife

Who is Raina Patricia:

Raina Patricia is the wife of famous former New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia who is the head coach of the Detroit Lions. The surname she got from her parents was Grigelvick. Raina Patricia and Matt Patricia got married in 2009.

We try to find more data related to Raina; we did not find much. What we get is as below.

NameRaina Grigelvick (Raina Patricia after marriage)
Date of Birth September 15, 1978
Place of BirthNew England
Country United Kingdom
Net worth$3 million
Age 43 Years
Wife/HusbandMatt Patricia

The early life of Raina Grigelvick:

Raina Patricia was born on September 15, 1978. Raina is from New England. She grew up and graduated from a high school named Cumberland in Rhode Island, which is not too far from Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

In Boston magazine, they said that she is from Foxboro. The remarkable things about Raina with Foxboro are, she keeps visiting Iceland and riding small horses around the country.
Boston magazine finds it would be something interesting for the travel section that Raina Patricia used to travel there. Raina used to go there with her brother Scott.
These travel tours were made before she entangled with Matt and Became Matt Patricia spouse. After she became the second half of Patricia, she changed her surname from Riana Grigelvick to Riana Patricia.

Married with Matt Patricia:

As we mentioned above that Raina and Matt Patricia got married in 2009 in Aruba, among the people they love like their relatives and friends.
After their marriage they had three, two are boys and one girl. Children names are sons Dominic and Dante, and daughter, Giamina.

Matt Patricia and his wife Raina have moved around many times since the past few years, but this family has stayed very close to Foxborough because this location is close to the place where Matt works.

Raina and Matt have a home in Wrentham, Massachusetts, a town that borders Foxborough.

Wrentham is an excellent place for staff members of New England to stay and live, and it is a great town for families and children.

About Riana Patricia Husband:

Raina Patricia Husband was born on September 13, 1974, in New York. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute aka RPI in 1996 with a major in Aeronautical Engineering.

Matt got his master’s degree in education from the University of Massachusetts.

Matt coaching career started as a graduate assistant at RPI after he graduated. Subsequently, in 1999 served as defensive line coach at Amherst College before joining Syracuse University in 2001.

Raina Patricia Education:

As we mentioned that she graduated from a high school named Cumberland in Rhode Island in 1996. As we find from Raina Patricia Instagram that after her graduation she joined Bryant University (1996–2000), in which subject, not sure.


The things we know about her carrier is that she was a student at Bryant University. After leaving university, what she did and where it is not mentioned anywhere. The Things that can we write in this section are she was mentioned in Boston magazine, and she attended Boston fashion week as a model in 2013.

Physical States:

We did not find exact data about Matt Patricia Wife Physical appearance, but we can say by looking at her pictures that her,
• Raina Patricia Age: 43 years(1978-2021)
• Weight: Did not mention
• Height: Did not mention
• Eye Color: Black
• Hair Color: Golden (Blonde)

Favorite things:

The thing that we find that she likes is charity work. In a visit to Women’s Lunch place in Boston, she made a speech that was something similar.

“We are just really thankful for the chance to be here. It is so pleasant for us to be able to give back to society and help these women. What they do in this system is just extraordinary, and we are just happy to come back year after year and give back to the fellowship,”

On the trip, the group helped “Celebrate Volunteerism” by making and serving lunch plus giving gift bags with toiletries and wintertime socks.”

Challenges and Success:

As there is no record about her professional carrier, so we cannot say much about her challenges and success she faced during her professional life.

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Net Worth:

She or his husband do not declare Raina Patricia net worth. As we know that Matt Patricia is making good money from his football coaching profession.

We can calculate his house, cars, and other expenditures that Matt have an estimated net worth of $3 million in 2021. With this money, Matt and Raina were able to buy a big house in a nice neighborhood and send their kids to private schools, all while paying less in taxes.

Matt sometimes spends almost 18 hours in the office to be enticed by the proximity to Manhattan hot spots,” the outlet reports.
One more exciting thing many people do not know that Matt offered with a salary of $100,000 to maintain nuclear submarines and aircraft.
He ran away from football coaching for two years and then matt became NFL coach with the same salary of $100,000. After 20 years he will be 27th Detroit Lions head coach.


We do not find any information about Raina Patricia affairs, but her husband was previously married Matt Patricia was married to a woman named Amy before he makes Raina his spouse. We will discuss it later in the next session.

Interesting Facts about Raina Patricia:

Close Friend with Linda Holliday:

Raina Patricia has become great friends with several New England Patriots. She is especially close with Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

Previously Married Husband:

Matt was previously married to a woman named Amy, according to the Detroit Free Press.
According to Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback with Peter King, Patricia received a call from the Patriots in 2004, offering him a job. However, he was hesitant to accept the offer because he “needed to consult with his wife first.”
It is unknown what happened between Matt and his first wife. The two separated after 2004 — after Patricia accepted a job that would change his entire life. An unknown amount of time later, he met Raina, and the two started dating.
Patricia got down on one knee and proposed to Raina at Gillette Stadium “years ago,” according to ESPN.

Huge Jimmy Buffett fan:

She is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett, who is an American singer, musician, songwriter, author, actor, and businessman.
Featured in Boston magazine:
Raina got featured in Boston magazine travel section because she used to visit Foxboro.

Fashion Week in Boston:

She visited a fashion week in Boston named as “Luxe Boutiques LLC Fall Fashion Show” as a model in 2013. This show was held in Taj Hotel and photographed by Russ Mezikofsky.

Social Media Accounts of Raina Patricia:

Raina Patricia Instagram: Instagram
Facebook: FaceBook
Twitter: Not Found

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