Lupe Marinez Izzo
Lupe Marinez Izzo

Everything About Lupe Marinez Izzo: Tom Izzo Wife

Last Updated: August 16, 2023
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Who is Lupe Marinez Izzo?

Lupe Izzo is the beautiful wife of the college basketball coach Tom Izzo, head coach of the Michigan State Spartans. Tom Izzo’s Spouse Lupe Marinez Izzo is originally from Texas but grew up in East Lansing, Michigan.

Lupe Marinez Izzo

It was in East Lansing that the prior Lupe Marinez met her future husband. In fact, because of their first date, Tom encouraged Lupe into a Michigan State game.

This wasn’t just a game, however. It had been A conference game against Purdue, with the Big Ten Championship online. That is one way to get to know a date.

Based on his experience in that game, Lupe likely had a wise idea about what she was responsible for. Even today, she still worries about his life today, saying: kills him, continuously on planes, and the time changes.

Name Tom Izzo
Date of Birth January 30, 1955
Place of Birth Iron Mountain, Michigan
Country   United States
Net worth $13 millions
Age          66 Years
Wife/Husband Lupe Marinez Izzo
Profession Basketball Coach

More About Lupe Marinez Izzo

Lupe Izzo has been a long-time living in East Lansing and attended Michigan State University. Lupe was the proprietor of the Rain Soft Water Treatment Systems Dealership of Lansing for more than 20 years. This was the reason she was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1990. of the Year Award in the State of Michigan.

Lupe was the chairperson for in 2005 and 2006 the Tri County United Way Campaign. She is active and serves on boards of several local organizations, including Cristo Ray Community Center, The Greater Lansing Food Bank, MSU Food Bank, The Lansing Promise, and Holy Cross Services. One of her ongoing initiatives includes Coaches Vs Cancer, a multi-year national campaign that is partnered in partnership with The American Cancer Society.

Lupe along with Tom Izzo have raised funds for St. Vincent Home for Children and their Coaches for Kids campaign, which helped build the emergency department for children at Sparrow Hospital. They have also raised money to fund their own Regional Cancer Center.

They have developed the Elite Basketball program at Michigan State University and have also partnered with the university in various ways. Their commitment towards the Lansing and Michigan State community has kept them on the same side for so long.

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He predicts from NY, and I think he is in St. Louis. Tom Izzo’s wife met her future husband by means of her sister-in-law, Beth Marinez.

Beth worked for the group at this time, while Tom was the assistant coach. Beth introduced the two and the rest, as they say, is history. Tom and Lupe wed In May of 1992 in St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in East Lansing. Regular enough, right?

Well, which was only after he suggested To Lupe in front of the two of their families in their house in Haslett at Christmas. Lupe and Tom welcomed their daughter Raquel to the planet, 2 years after they married.

A couple of years later, the couple adopted their son Steven, who’s six years younger than his sister. Charity & Hot Yoga. Like most WAGs, Tom Izzo’s wife Lupe is quite involved with the charity. The Izzo family donated a one million dollars present to Michigan State University.

Whilst the present Will be divided among many projects, the majority will go to the Spartan football program. Lupe Marinez Izzo is involved with a new business enterprise in Haslett, Michigan, called Haslett Hot Yoga.

Lupe was there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony in early 2016. Let us meet his wife Mrs. Lupe Marinez Izzo, also known as the first lady of Michigan.

Tom Izzo because of his successful career as the Michigan State Spartans head coach setting the Big Ten record for the longest home winning streak, not so famous because of his temper.

When Izzo wed her in 1992, with Mariucci, of course, was the best man.

They’re godfathers to each other’s kids and consult with each other on investments, media relations, aging parents. When Mariucci interviewed for the Lions job in early 2003, Izzo drove the 75 kilometers from East Lansing to Detroit that night, coming at midnight and two buddies talked until 4 a.m.

Back in 1999, while Izzo was en route to his first Final Four, Mariucci sat in the stands with Lupe, holding her hands, it wasn’t apparent who had been nervous!.

Factors Influencing Lupe Marinez’s Net Worth:

  • Tom Izzo’s Salary: The most significant chunk of the Izzo family’s net worth undoubtedly comes from Tom Izzo’s impressive salary as a college basketball coach. He reportedly earns:

    • An annual salary ranging between $4.15 million to $4.4 million.
  • Discrepancies in Net Worth Estimates: While many sources estimate her net worth to be around $13 million, a distinct source claims it’s as low as $100,000. The vast difference might be attributed to:

    • The inclusion (or exclusion) of shared assets with her husband.
    • The uncertainty about her professional career and personal earnings.
  • Shared Assets and Investments: Without specific details on the Izzos’ shared assets, properties, and investments, it’s challenging to pinpoint an accurate figure for Lupe Marinez Izzo’s individual net worth. It’s conceivable that the couple has acquired assets and made investments throughout Tom Izzo’s career.

Frequently asked questions about Lupe Marinez Izzo husband Tom Izzo

  1. Q: Who is Tom Izzo?

    • A: Tom Izzo is the head coach of the Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team. He has been the head coach since 1995 and has led the team to eight Final Four appearances and one national championship in 2000.
  2. Q: What is Tom Izzo’s coaching record?

    • A: As of 2021, Tom Izzo’s coaching record is 667-245.
  3. Q: How long has Tom Izzo been the head coach at Michigan State?

    • A: Tom Izzo has been the head coach at Michigan State since 1995.
  4. Q: How many Final Four appearances has Tom Izzo led Michigan State to?

    • A: Tom Izzo has led Michigan State to eight Final Four appearances.
  5. Q: Has Tom Izzo ever won a national championship?

    • A: Yes, Tom Izzo led Michigan State to a national championship in 2000.

Lupe Marinez Izzo Social Media Profiles

Lupe Izzo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lupeizzo/

Lupe Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomizzomsu/

Marinez Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/lupe.izzo

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