Melyssa Perez: Everything about Cody Bellinger girlfriend

Cody Bellinger girlfriend is a popular subject, given he is playing with his head to start the 2019 season. We know of one name out of 2017 and prior. But other than that, it has been a little quiet around these parts. So let us get into what we know.

Cody Bellinger’s girlfriend Sabrina DenHamm:

Cody Bellinger girlfriend Sabrina DenHamm

Time is a flat circle folks. Cody drifted in the way back car with this one, and as of this writing in 2019, he is going back to high school. Cody and Sabrina surfaced on the red carpet in different events in the latest months breaking the question about his dating status. 

Cody and Sabrina have stayed close since high school, and for this on again off again, relationship appears fully on. Embed from Getty Images.

Cody Bellinger’s Girlfriend 2018:

It had been silence at the front of a girlfriend for 2018. It was over a year since Melyssa Perez graced Cody’s Instagram, and she can be remarkably devoid of any Cody snaps. Other sites seem to indicate they’re no longer dating.

Geographically that makes sense, as Melyssa is spending the majority of her time near Chavez Ravine. More specifically, she is spending most of her time in Houston. 

Have they split? Signs seem to indicate as much, but we will keep track of it. There were a few names which slid past our radar without so much as a blip. But for the time being, we will concentrate on the one which Cody was in the time happy to demonstrate.

Cody Bellinger’s girlfriend, Melyssa Perez:

cody bellinger girlfriend Melyssa Perez

Cody Bellinger girlfriend Melyssa Perez is a law student at the University of Texas. She explained in 2017 that’s if you think Cody is good at baseball, you need to see how good he’s at getting on her last nerve. Stop annoying Melyssa, Cody. 

Nah, Melyssa loves Cody lots. She was WAY excited about his breakout season too. Initially, she hails from Laguna Niguel, California. Melyssa also joked that she does plan on utilizing signs and not just her fist in court.

I hope there are still jobs left for her because an excellent deal of law jobs are now the field of artificial intelligence.

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Melyssa posted a photo of her eating a corn dog, and she said there is no better representation of her. I must also add that she has a hot body for smoking, but that is apparent as soon as you see her. 

Cody Bellinger’s girlfriend enjoys to spend some time on the sea and seemingly likes to fish too! She showed off a few enormous catches on social networking.

Melyssa caught some mammoth snappers in Galveston in July. Melyssa is incredibly photogenic and seems so happy in all her photos.

What a California fantasy! I am also feeling a little jelly of Mr Bellinger

Cody Bellinger girlfriend social profiles:

Melyssa Perez Instagram:

Melyssa Twitter:

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