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Elizabeth Alderfer Wiki, Bio

Elizabeth Alderfer is a gorgeous and talented actress whose bio suggests that she is mostly known for her famous movies that include Disjointed, Game Day which was both released on 2017, Better Off Single in 2016 and The Passing Season. Ms. Elizabeth Alderfer has also been prominently featured in GE’s national ad campaign as “Sarah” in 2016.

Quick Facts:

Attribute Detail
Name Elizabeth Alderfer
Profession Actress
Date of Birth February 5, 1986
Estimated Net Worth (2023) $1 million to $1.5 million

It is true that the actress with an exceptionally beautiful face and a glamorous body does get attention and all those media’s limelight, but when incredible acting skill also add up to those traits, then it is impossible to stop her. The American actress Elizabeth Alderfer is one of them as she is incredibly famous for her beauty followed by her hard-work and dedication in the industry.

 Elizabeth Alderfer wiki also further describes that she debuted in her career at an early age, but unfortunately was not noticed until she was cast in ‘Disjointed’ which became pretty famous among the viewers.

She has been a regular cast opposite to Kathy Bates in Disjoints from Chuck Lorre, David Javerbaum, and Warner Bros which is Netflix’s multi-camera comedy. Her career did take a turn after she worked on the film named ‘Better off Single’ in 2016 that brought her into the highlight. Elizabeth Alderfer did a really good job on the movie and was later signed for ‘The Passing Season’ in the same year by a cast.

Moving on, her acting skills were getting better and eventually was prominently featured as “Sarah” in GE’s national ad campaign in the year 2016. Though her salary and net worth are yet to be disclosed, we assume that she must earn a good amount and is happy with her career.

Elizabeth Alderfer boyfriend: Is Elizabeth Alderfer married?

Coming to more of her personal life, Elizabeth Alderfer can be seen playing several romantic roles on the screen but has never really discussed her significant other or dating in real life. If we check her social media accounts then we can see the actress sharing several pictures of her with Jason Bouzar while the sweetest among them was the picture where she kissed Jason on the cheek.

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Considering the pictures, it is assumed that it is a hint of their blossoming romance, however, the couple themselves have not spoken a word regarding their relationship.

Elizabeth Alderfer and the probable boyfriend has not officially addressed that they are dating or are just best friends. But either way, the duo seem to be quite close and often spend time together which makes everyone talk about them. They have also together hosted various shows and even judged food on Iron Chef Gauntlet at Food Network.

Besides that not much details are available and the actress has no such plans of getting married anytime soon. But being such a famous personality and well- established in her career, it might be good for her to welcome a partner in life.

Elizabeth Alderfer height: How tall can Elizabeth Alderfer be

Talking about Elizabeth Alderfer appearance, she is a gorgeous looking lady with beautiful features and seems to have a suitable height that suits her. However, wiki and other famous sites are yet to provide detailed information on her height and weight with other body measurements.

Elizabeth Alderfer Salary and Net Worth: What is Elizabeth Alderfer earning per year?

Net Worth Breakdown:

  • Estimated Net Worth: Between $1 million to $1.5 million.

    • Elizabeth Alderfer’s net worth is a testament to her dedication and talent in the entertainment industry.
  • Acting Salary:

    • Her earnings as an actress are estimated to be around $75,000 per project or year. This figure can vary based on the nature and prominence of the project.
  • Career Highlights:

    • Elizabeth has a diverse acting portfolio, some of her notable works include:
      • “Disjointed”
      • “The Good Wife”
      • “The Daily Show”
      • “The Blacklist”

    These projects have contributed significantly to her financial standing, with each role possibly having different compensation rates.

  • Factors Affecting Net Worth:

    • Consistency in the Industry: Elizabeth has been consistently working in the industry for several years. Such dedication often leads to an increase in demand and better-paying roles over time.
    • Diversity of Roles: Being versatile and taking on varied roles can help in increasing an actor’s market value. Elizabeth’s presence in both TV shows and movies showcases her adaptability.
    • Related Ventures: While the main source of her income is acting, it’s also possible that she has ventured into other related projects which might have contributed to her net worth.
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Elizabeth Alderfer Birthday and age: When do Elizabeth Alderfer celebrate her birthday?

Elizabeth Alderfer celebrates her birthday every year on February 5 and was born in the year 1986 which currently makes her 31 years of age and holds American nationality. Her bio also reveals that she was born and raised by her parents in the United States of America and has a brother named Mike who is quite close to her.

Elizabeth Alderfer Social Media Accounts:

Elizabeth Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizderfer/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lizalderfer?lang=en