Athena Jones married, husband, age, parents and wiki

Who is Athena Jones?

Athena Jones is associate degree yank correspondent for CNN. She has been a general assignment communicator since 2011 and relies on CNN’s Washington, D.C bureau. Information on her birth date, parents, and her birth place are missing as Athena Jones wiki sites do not provide any information on this topic and therefore her age is also not known yet.

Athena Jones

Athena Jones’ Educational Journey

  • High School: Athena Jones graduated from Cate School in 1994.

  • Undergraduate Education:

    • Jones attended Harvard University right after finishing high school in 1994.
    • She majored in Government at Harvard and graduated cum laude.
  • Graduate Education:

    • After Harvard, she pursued further studies at Columbia University.
    • She majored in American Government and Politics and by 1998, she earned her master’s degree in journalism.
  • Career and Personal Experiences:

    • Athena Jones serves as a national correspondent for CNN.
    • She has shared her personal journey with the GW Women’s Leadership Program. Here, she discussed her education, her experiences of living and working abroad, and her time reporting on the news.

Private life and marriage:Who is Athena Jones husband?

Talking about her personal life and husband, there are no existing records on her past relationships so assumptions have been made that the charming lady is still single and is not married. She is still too busy with her career and progressions and it seems like we would have to wait a little longer for Athena Jones husband. Though we are not aware of Athena Jones age, we must appreciate that she is a gorgeous lady with a big bright smile which makes her so much more attractive. So we may hope that Athena Jones gets married real soon.

Career and Progressions:

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Athena Jones started her career as a general assignment correspondent in 2011 with the network based in CNN’s Washington bureau. Her coverage includes the wide range of general news stories as well as news on politics. The Affordable Care Act, the war against ISIS, debt and budget issues, street protests against police brutality, Ebola, debates over immigration reform, the disappearance of Hannah Graham, a college student of the University of Virginia, the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines and Supreme Court decisions are some more issues that she covered.

Previously, Athena Jones was a White House producer with NBC. There she wrote packages, made story segments and reported on air for MSNBC and NBC News. She also got details on the presidential campaigns of then-Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the National Journal and the 2008 election cycle for NBC.

Also, it is known that before joining the NBC, she was working as a freelance segment producer for CNN. Furthermore, she served as a reporter for Reuters based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 2001 to 2003, where she extended over the Argentina presidential elections, the farm industry, the collapse of the economy of the country and other news stories in general. Her wiki also says that prior to Reuters, Athena Jones reported on politics and therefore the economy in each Chile and Argentina for Bloomberg News.

Considering her hard work and popularity, it is amazing that she has achieved so much and surely Athena Jones parents must be a proud one. Her net worth is assumed and high accumulated from her hard work and dedication. However, no details are available regarding her exact financial figures as she has not disclosed anything.

A Glimpse at Athena Jones’ Net Worth:

  • Estimated Worth: Athena Jones’ net worth is believed to be between $1 million to $2 million.

  • As of Recent Years: Her net worth for the years 2021 and 2022 stands at an estimated $1.3 million.

  • Primary Source of Income: Athena’s main revenue stream is her professional career as a news reporter.

The Road to Financial Success:

  • CNN National Correspondent: This esteemed position undeniably contributes a significant portion to her net worth.

  • White House Correspondent: Before her current role, Jones covered President Obama’s administration as a White House correspondent, adding to her professional accolades and, inevitably, her net worth.

Challenges Along the Way:

  • Health Hurdles: Athena faced a personal setback with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012. While this might not have a direct relation to her net worth, it speaks volumes about her resilience and commitment to bounce back in her career.