Bruce Pearl Wife
Bruce Pearl Wife

Everything About Brandy Pearl and Kim Pearl: Bruce Pearl Wife and Ex

Last Updated: January 1, 2024
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Who is Bruce Pearl Wife and Ex Wife?

Bruce Pearl left history after becoming the first head coach at major college basketball to be hired with the active show cause punishment.

Bruce Pearl definitely has a way of making the headlines and thus do his wives.

Name Bruce Pearl
Date of Birth March 18, 1960
Place of Birth Boston, Massachusetts
Country   United States
Net worth $1.5 million
Age          61 years
Wife/Husband Brandy Pearl
Profession American basketball Head coach

Bruce Pearl Ex-Wife Kim Pearl

The Union and Separation

Kim Pearl and Bruce Pearl tied the knot in 1982. Their union, lasting a quarter of a century until 2007, speaks volumes of their journey together. Marriages, especially those enduring the pressures and spotlight of professional sports, can be challenging. However, the details about the reasons for their separation remain private, as both have maintained discretion about their personal affairs.

Alimony’s: A Business Venture

Life after divorce can be transformative. For Kim Pearl, it was an opportunity to carve her niche. Making headlines after their split, she ventured into the beauty industry by opening a hair and nail salon aptly named “Alimony’s.” The name not only showcases a pinch of humor but also reveals her strength in taking life head-on post-divorce. Such entrepreneurial spirit is commendable and showcases her resilience and ability to transform personal experiences into professional pursuits.

Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl Wife Brandy Pearl

Brandy is Bruce’s second wife. Before her, Bruce was married to Kim from 1992 to 2007. After ending his first marriage, life had a new chapter awaiting Bruce. In 2009, Bruce and Brandy exchanged vows, starting a new journey together. On their wedding day, Bruce took to Twitter to share a heartfelt message, expressing his deep love and admiration for Brandy. He called her not just his wife but also his best and most trusted friend. Such sentiments make it evident the depth of connection they share.

Described by many as a lovely and supportive wife, Brandy seems to be the backbone Bruce leans on in times of personal and professional challenges. In a candid interview, Brandy opened up about their relationship, stating that she firmly believes God played a role in bringing Bruce into her life. She went on to explain that they complement each other exceptionally well, indicating a bond that is not just about companionship but also about understanding and harmony.

Regarding their family life, there isn’t much publicly available information about any children. It’s quite evident that Brandy values her privacy. Unlike many partners of public figures, she appears to have made a conscious choice to maintain a low-profile existence, far removed from the media glare.

Bruce Pearl ex-wife Kim Pearl

“Now I know of two Jew men that have been crucified. Lord be with my hubby’s spirit, we’ll get through this.”

While getting caught cheating in college basketball isn’t quite the same as having nails hammered in the ends and being tied up and left out to die a slow, painful death, how can we really understand another’s suffering? At any rate, Brandy Pearl won’t be complaining to the public this week.

Bruce Pearl Wife Brandy Pearl Social Media Profiles

Brandy Millar Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/brandy.pearl

Brandy Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandy_pearl


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