Everything About Brandy Pearl and Kim Pearl: Bruce Pearl Wife and Ex

On Tuesday, March eighteenth, Bruce Pearl left history after becoming the first head coach at major college basketball to be hired with the active show cause punishment.

Bruce Pearl definitely has a way of making the headlines and thus do his wives.

Bruce Pearl Ex-Wife Kim Pearl:

Bruce Pearl’s ex-wife Kim Pearl left headlines when, post-divorce, she started a salon called Alimony. One year later, Kim Pearl opened a nail and hair salon with money she received from the divorce settlement.

Incidentally, the I is sprinkled with a heart The Knoxville company made much news through Tennessee and the nation.

When Kim Pearl, a former nurse, opened the business, she told the Knoxville media she wanted to have a company that would let her versatility to take care of her Coach Bruce Pearls two younger children. 

She admittedly wanted to help others experiencing a psychological downturn, and there was a 15% reduction for customers who obtained alimony.

As the kids are grown up, the store has closed.

Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl Wife Brandy Pearl 2019:

Bruce Pearl’s wife Brandy Pearl moved in with her hubby throughout the summer of 2009. The couple lives from the Gettysvue neighbourhood in a 2 million dollar home in Knoxville.

They made their participation public on May 4th 2009 and have been married soon afterwards. Brandy Miller, a native of Sevierville, seemingly had a strong response to the statement of her husband suspension in Nov 2010. Here is what Brandy Pearl posted on her Facebook page about the suspension:

brandy millar or brandy pearl

“Now I know of two Jew men that have been crucified. Lord be with my hubby’s spirit, we’ll get through this.”

While getting caught cheating in college basketball isn’t quite the same as having nails hammered in the ends and being tied up and left out to die a slow, painful death, how can we really understand another’s suffering? At any rate, Brandy Pearl won’t be complaining to the public this week.

Bruce Pearl Wife Brandy Pearl Social Media Profiles:

Brandy Millar Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/brandy.pearl

Brandy Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandy_pearl


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