Who is Kimbo Slice’s wife Antionette Ray?

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Who is Antionette Ray, Wife of Kimbo Slice?

At the heart of every great story is a silent hero, often operating behind the scenes, anchoring and supporting the protagonists. When it comes to the illustrious life of mixed martial arts legend Kimbo Slice, that silent hero is his wife, Antionette Ray.

Kimbo Slice’s wife Antionette Ray

As the world mourned the sudden passing of Kimbo Slice on June 6, the narrative shifted to the significant void he left behind, especially for his family. His transition left Kimbo Slice’s wife, Antionette Ray, with the colossal task of raising their six children, showcasing her incredible strength and resilience.

Who is Antionette Ray’s Husband?

Category Details
Name Kimbo Slice
Date of Birth Not mentioned in the text
Age 42
Residence Coral Springs, South Florida
Nationality Bahamian-American
Profession Boxer, MMA Star, Actor
Husband/Wife Antoinette Ray (with conflicting reports about their marital status)
Children Six (3 boys and 3 girls) – Kevin Jr., Kevin II, Kevlar, Kassandra, Kiara, Kevina
Original Name Kevin Ferguson
Net Worth $2 million

Kimbo Slice, originally named Kevin Ferguson, was a renowned Bahamian-American boxer, MMA star, and even showcased his talents in acting. Residing in Coral Springs, South Florida, he unfortunately passed away at the age of 42. He leaves behind a significant net worth of $2 million and a loving family with his wife (or fiancée) Antoinette Ray and their six children. Beyond his professional pursuits, Kimbo was deeply devoted to his family, with his eldest son, Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr., following in his MMA footsteps and his youngest son, Kevlar, having autism.

The Formidable Family of K’s

Kimbo Slice, whose birth name was Kevin Ferguson, evidently had a fondness for the letter K. The couple’s six children – Kevin Jr., Kevin II, Kevlar, Kassandra, Kiara, and Kevina, all bear this testimony. Amidst this tight-knit family stands “Baby Slice” – Kevin Jr., an aspiring MMA fighter who successfully made his fighting debut, potentially following in his father’s footsteps.


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The special bond between Kimbo and his autistic son, Kevlar, was palpable. Their unique relationship was prominently documented, with Kevlar accompanying his father during intense training sessions, especially in the lead-up to Kimbo’s fight with Ken Shamrock.

Antionette and Kimbo: A Love Set in Stone

While various reports oscillate between terms like fiancee, girlfriend, and wife, what remains undeniable is the profound bond shared between Antionette Ray and Kimbo Slice. Their journey together saw them residing in Coral Springs, South Florida, facing the highs and lows that life threw their way.

Kimbo’s undeniable love for his family was evident. Despite rising from the rough terrains of Miami, he was determined that his children would experience a life far better than his own. This sentiment echoed in his interactions and decisions, reflecting his deep-seated love for Antionette and their children.

The Legacy Left Behind

Kimbo Slice was not just an MMA legend but a family man with a net worth of an estimated $2 million. This fortune, carved from sheer hard work, grit, and a dabbling in acting, ensures that Antionette Ray and the children are provided for. But beyond finances, Kimbo’s memory and the values he instilled in his family remain his true legacy.

Net worth and salary: How much is Antionette Ray earnings per year?

While there isn’t specific data on Antionette Ray’s individual net worth, as Kimbo Slice’s wife, she stands to inherit his estimated net worth of $2 million.

Height and weight: How tall is Antionette Ray?

Specific details about Antionette Ray’s height and weight are not publicly documented at this time.

Interesting Facts about Antionette Ray:

  1. Antionette Ray has been with Kimbo Slice for a significant period, supporting him through the various phases of his career.
  2. Their bond was so profound that they chose to name all their children starting with the letter ‘K.’
  3. Despite the challenges, Antionette stands as a pillar of strength for her family, especially in the face of Kimbo’s untimely demise.

FAQ About Antionette Ray:

  1. Who is Antionette Ray?
    • Antionette Ray was the significant other of MMA legend Kimbo Slice. While some sources refer to her as his wife, others mention her as his fiancee or long-time girlfriend.
  2. How many children do Antionette Ray and Kimbo Slice have?
    • They have six children: Kevin Jr., Kevin II, Kevlar, Kassandra, Kiara, and Kevina.
  3. What is known about their children?
    • Kevin Jr., known as “Baby Slice,” is an MMA fighter. Their son Kevlar has autism, and Kimbo shared a special bond with him, often training together.
  4. How has Antionette Ray been since Kimbo’s passing?
    • Specific details about her life post Kimbo’s passing aren’t widely publicized, but she is undoubtedly focused on her family’s well-being and continuing Kimbo’s legacy.

With the world focusing on Kimbo’s illustrious career, Antionette Ray remains the backbone, ensuring his legacy thrives through their children. As the story of Kimbo Slice is narrated, the resilience and strength of Antionette as Kimbo Slice’s wife will forever remain intertwined in his legend.