Andy Pettitte’s wife Laura Pettitte
Andy Pettitte’s wife Laura Pettitte

Laura Pettitte: Everything About Andy Pettitte’s wife

Last Updated: September 5, 2023
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Who is Andy Pettitte’s Wife Laura Pettitte?

Laura Pettitte, born on February 5, 1974, is the wife of former MLB pitcher Andy Pettitte. Raised in a deeply religious family in Texas, Laura met Andy during their eighth grade at Deer Park High School. The couple got married on January 10, 1993, and have four children together: Joshua, Jared, Lexy, and Luke. Laura and Andy are devout Christians and currently reside in Deer Park, Texas.

Quick Facts About Laura Pettitte

Name Laura Pettitte
Date of Birth February 5, 1974
Age 49
Place of Birth Texas
Residence Deer Park, Texas
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Husband Andy Pettitte
Children Joshua, Jared, Lexy, Luke

Early Life and Personal Background

Although detailed information about Laura Pettitte’s early life and personal background remains scarce, we do know that she spent her formative years in Texas and encountered her future husband, Andy, during their high school days.

Educational and Career

Regrettably, there is no available data regarding Laura Pettitte’s educational or professional pursuits. Nonetheless, she has been a steadfast source of support throughout Andy’s illustrious baseball career, actively engaging in charitable endeavors alongside her husband.

Married Life and Relationship with Husband

Andy Pettitte’s wife Laura Pettitte

Laura and Andy Pettitte have celebrated their marital union since January 10, 1993. Their enduring bond has weathered the challenges of Andy’s demanding baseball career, including the rigors of spring training and the regular season. Their shared Christian faith has served as a cornerstone of their relationship and family life.

Laura and Andy Pettitte are proud parents to four children: Josh, Jared, Lexy, and Luke. In 2021, tragedy struck when the family was involved in a car accident, resulting in concussions for Andy and Lexy, while Laura suffered a broken arm. The Pettitte family has also endured the loss of Laura’s parents, who tragically passed away on the same day due to COVID-19. Despite these adversities, their unwavering faith continues to anchor and strengthen the Pettitte family’s unity.

About Life Partner

Andy Pettitte, a retired MLB pitcher renowned for his 18-season career, particularly with the New York Yankees, stands as one of baseball’s preeminent left-handed pitchers in history. As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at $70 million.

Physical Stats

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding Laura Pettitte’s physical characteristics.

Net Worth

While specific details about Laura Pettitte’s individual net worth remain undisclosed, her husband, Andy Pettitte, boasts an estimated net worth of $70 million as of 2023.

Social Media Profiles

Laura Pettitte maintains a private Instagram account under the handle @lpettitte. Additionally, there is an unverified Twitter account with the handle @lpettitte74 that appears to belong to her.

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