Matthew Berry’s wife: Everything About Beth Berry

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Who is Matthew Berry’s wife Beth Berry?

Beth Berry is the wife of Matthew Berry, an American writer, columnist, and fantasy sports analyst. The couple met in Connecticut when Matthew began working for ESPN. The couple has been married since 2014, has five children together and currently reside in Connecticut. Beth also works at ESPN, but her specific position is not mentioned in the available information.

Quick Facts About Beth Berry

Name Beth Berry
Husband Matthew Berry
Children 5
Residence Connecticut
Nationality American
Profession Works at ESPN (position unknown)

Early Life and Personal Background

There is limited information available about Beth Berry’s early life and personal background. However, it is known that she is married to Matthew Berry, and they reside in Connecticut with their five children.

Educational and Career

Beth Berry’s educational background is not publicly available. As for her career, she works at ESPN alongside her husband, Matthew Berry. Her specific role within the company is not known.

Relationship with Husband and Family

Matthew Berry’s wife Beth Berry

Beth Berry and Matthew Berry have been married since 2014. They have five children together and live in Connecticut. The couple appears to maintain a relatively private life, with limited information available about their relationship and family life.

About Life Partner

Matthew Berry, Beth’s husband, is a well-known writer, columnist, fantasy sports analyst, and television personality. He started his career writing for television and film before launching his own fantasy sports websites, “” in 2004 and “” in 2007. He joined ESPN as their senior fantasy sports analyst in 2007.

Physical Stats

There is no publicly available information about Beth Berry’s physical stats.

Net Worth

Beth Berry’s net worth is not publicly known. However, her husband, Matthew Berry, has likely earned a significant income through his work as a writer, columnist, and fantasy sports analyst.

Social Media Profiles

Beth Berry does not appear to have any public social media profiles. However, her husband, Matthew Berry, occasionally shares pictures of her on his Instagram account, such as a post celebrating her birthday.