Everything About Jessica Rogan: Joe Rogan Wife

Who is Jessica Rogan?

Jessica Rogan is the wife of famous comedian Joe Rogan who is also famous for his commentary and podcast host. She is a beautiful model signed a contract with EM model management in 2010.

Jessica is also a dangerous stunt driver. She is a famous TV Producer. She worked as a cocktail waitress for some time where she met Joe Rogan. Jessica also worked as an assistant for Hollywood and Divine (Beauty Secrets Revealed) in the production of documentary films. She organized many comedies shows and stand-up events.

Name Jessica Schimm (Jessica Rogan after marriage)
Date of Birth June 28, 1978
Place of Birth Scottsdale, Arizona
Country   United States
Net worth $30 millions (including Joe Rogan income)
Age          43 Years, 4 Months
Wife/Husband Joe Rogan
Profession Model

Early Life of Jessica Rogan

Her first name was Jessica Schimmel after her father Robert Schimmel who was also a stand-up comedian and passed away in a car accident in 2010.  Jessica Schimmel’s mother name is Vicki Schimmel. Jessica was born in Scottsdale, Arizona USA on June 28, 1978, with zodiac sign Cancer. We found another data that she was born in Sugar Land, Texas, the United States of America on July 18, 1975, but as per our research, the first one is more authentic.

She has five brothers and sisters named Max Schimmel, Aaliyah Schimmel, Derek Schimmel, Sam Schimmel, and Jacob Schimmel.

Married life with Joe Rogan

Jessica has been married to Joe Rogan in 2009 and still, they are in married bound. Jessica gave birth to two children with Joe Rogan and she also has a girl from her previous relationship which is living with them since she became Joe Rogan wife.

Joe Rogan and his wife Jessica both are living a very happy married life and we can say that because no news of their fight come in front of us yet.

Jessica rogan

News column writers are always ready to write about such interesting news like fights of celebrities and their issues, but there is not a single story of a fight yet. Whenever something like that people will not wait to write about them. From such a record, we can say that Joe Rogan and his wife are living a very happy life.

Jessica Rogan’s Educational Journey

Jessica Ditzel, more commonly known as Jessica Rogan, remains somewhat of an enigma in the world of celebrities. While her husband, Joe Rogan, commands the spotlight with his diverse roles, Jessica tends to stay out of the limelight. Despite this, her educational journey is both impressive and interesting.

  • Early Education:

    • Jessica began her academic journey at Doherty High School.
  • Higher Education:

    • She later pursued her higher studies at the University of Arizona.
    • Jessica earned two degrees during her tenure there.
    • One of her degrees was in Psychology, a field dedicated to understanding human thought processes.
  • Post-Educational Ventures:

    • Following her graduation, the specifics of Jessica’s career remain somewhat mysterious.
    • Some sources suggest she dabbled in various professions, such as working as a cocktail waitress.
    • Her current profession, however, remains undisclosed.

Physical State of Jessica Rogan:

  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Long Auburn
  • Waist Size: 24 inches
  • Bra size: 32 inches
  • Hip size: 34 inches

With the above physical states, we can say that Joe Rogan wife got a perfect body with 5’8 height, around 49 kg weight and long auburn golden-brown hairs and beautiful green colored eyes.

Favorite Things:

If we talk about Jessica Schimmel favorite things then we should say that she loved modeling and stunt driving. If you talk about Jessica Rogan, she loves stand-up comedy shows and her husband company.  

Challenges and Successes, she Faced:

The first thing that Jessica Schimmel faces in her life that she felt awkward was that her father Robert Schimmel divorced her mother and married to Jessica best friend. She was only 21 years old when his father married her best friend Melissa who was just 4 years older than Jessica.

After that, her modeling carrier was not so successful. Last, she had a baby girl from the previous relationship before she met with Joe and her daughter still with Jessica and Rogan.  

Jessica Rogan Net Worth and Carrier

Jessica Rogan, also recognized by her maiden name Jessica Ditzel, is a face that many have become familiar with, primarily due to her association with her husband, Joe Rogan. But beyond that, Jessica has carved her own space in the world of TV production and modeling. While much of her life remains shrouded in privacy, let’s delve into what we know about her financial path and net worth.

Net Worth Highlights:

  • Estimated Net Worth: $2 million to $3 million.
  • Primary Income Sources: TV production and modeling appearances.

Jessica Rogan’s Financial Path:

  • Early Beginnings: She kick-started her career as a cocktail waitress. This phase of her life provided her with insights into the world of entertainment and possibly paved the way for her transition into the TV industry.

  • Venturing into TV Production: Following her stint as a cocktail waitress, Jessica made her foray into TV production. Her work in this domain is a significant contributor to her current net worth.

  • Modeling Appearances: While details are sparse, it’s known that Jessica has had some modeling gigs which have also contributed to her earnings.

  • Privacy Matters: Despite being associated with a globally recognized figure like Joe Rogan, Jessica Rogan has managed to maintain a tight seal on her personal life. This means that while the figures and details mentioned above are estimates and based on available data, there might be aspects of her financial journey that remain undisclosed to the public.

joe rogan wife


The only affair we listen about Jessica Rogan was before she met Joe and she had a child from that relationship.

She never talked too much about her personal life, so it’s not very clear details about her previous relationships. She started dating Joe in 2009 and they get married in 2010.

One thing you should know is that we find online data about her previous relationship, but not sure because another girl with name Jessica Rogan is famous for Joe Rogan wife.

Interesting Facts and Summary

The Things you should know about Jessica Rogan if you fan his husband, Mr. Rogan.

The first thing is that she is the daughter of a man who used to be a stand-up comedian. As we know girls like boys who make them smile, and second, girls love those people who are like their father. So, we can say that she found both things in Joe Rogan as he was also used to be a stand-up comedian like other celebrities wives do.

She used to work for Volvo motorsports in 2013, as a product analyst. She was very good with analysts to work and Volvo was paying her a very good amount due to her skills.

One very interesting fact about Jessica and Rogan is that people don’t know much about their personal life. I mean they never say much about how they met and other personal life things, but besides that, they are very happy with each other and that is enough for people to know.

A very good fact about Jessica is that she behaves with her 20’s age daughter which was from another relationship of Joe Rogan very well. Usually, child and step-parents don’t get too close to each other’s. Maybe because children never accept their stepparents as their original ones. but in her case, other she is very happy with her parents Jessica and Rogan.

We usually listen through some news or magazines about the fight of celebrities, but we never found any quarrel between this couple. They are very happy and they understand each other’s so that people never found any fighting news about them.       

She is enjoying a very comfortable life due to her husband income. She used to work as an analyst and earned a good amount. We can make a rough idea that Jessica Rogan net worth is around $1 million, but now she is doing shopping with her husband cash. We can say that she may have a very good lifestyle with her own earned money but now she is enjoying a very comfortable lifestyle with her husband money.

We found somewhere that she used to be a cocktail waitress once. We also came to know that was the place where she met Joe, but not confirm. As cocktail waitresses make a good amount if they are working at some good place, so this may also add when someone counts her net worth.

I don’t think I should add this point that she is married to Joe and became Joe Rogan wife and they are still in this married. As we are talking about her personal life, we can add that she is the wife of famous comedian Joe Rogan who is prominent in the UFC as comedian and actor.

She is Native American because she has Native American blood in her veins. We know that she is from a mixed races place, but this doesn’t mean that she is not Native American.

The Confusion of Jessica Rogan with Jessica Schimmel

As we added some information about Jessica Rogan like we found two birthday dates with different birthplaces. Second the information about Jessica graduation, this was because at some sites they have mentioned a girl named with Jessica Schimmel as Joe Rogan wife Jessica Rogan. But as we make some research, she is a different girl and also there is another woman with the same name at Instagram and she is also sometimes considered as Joe Rogan wife.

jeo rogan and his wife jessica rogan

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