Herb Brooks’ Wife Patti Brooks
Herb Brooks’ Wife Patti Brooks

Patti Brooks: Herb Brooks’ Wife

Last Updated: September 9, 2023
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Herb Brooks’ Wife Patti Brooks: A Life of Love and Memories

Patti Brooks, wife of the late hockey coaching legend Herb Brooks, is known for her vivid memories of her husband’s life and his time as the coach of the 1980 “Miracle” team. She married Herb in 1965 and remained married to him for 38 years until his passing in 2003. The couple had two children, Dan and Kelly, and five grandchildren. Patti has shared personal accounts of the events depicted in the movie “Miracle” and has expressed her sadness that Herb was not able to see their grandchildren grow up.

Quick Facts About Patti Brooks

Name Patti Brooks
Husband Herb Brooks
Marriage Year 1965
Children Dan and Kelly
Grandchildren 5

Early Life and Marriage

Patti married Herb in 1965 when he was five years removed from winning a 1960 Olympic USA hockey gold medal. The couple met in 1964 when Patti, a nurse working in St. Paul, tended to Herb’s broken arm after a particularly rough game. They had two children, Dan and Kelly.

Memories of the 1980 Winter Olympics

Patti Brooks has shared her memories of the 1980 Winter Olympics, where her husband coached the US hockey team to a historic victory against the Soviet Union. She recalls that the opening ceremony and the Winter Olympics, in general, were much smaller-scale affairs at the time. Patti and their daughter used to wait outside the arena to meet up with Herb, as they wouldn’t go to the games themselves and used to stay at a different place.

After the US team’s victory against the USSR, Patti points out that Herb gave the team a curfew because they still had to defeat Finland to earn their gold medal. Patti’s memories of the “Miracle on Ice” remain vivid, and she continues to share her husband’s legacy with the world.

About Herb Brooks

Herb Brooks was born on August 5, 1937, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His journey in the world of hockey began as a successful player before transitioning to a remarkable coaching career. Herb is most celebrated for coaching the 1980 US Olympic hockey team to an astounding victory over the heavily favored Soviet Union team, a moment that has become an enduring symbol of American pride and determination.

Life After Herb’s Passing

Herb Brooks passed away in 2003, but his memory lives on through Patti and their children. In 2006, Herb was posthumously inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in the Builders’ category. Patti has been involved in various events honoring her husband’s legacy, such as the unveiling of a new Herb Brooks statue in 2017.

Patti Brooks eventually remarried, tying the knot with Mark Rhoades, an orthopedist from St. Paul. Despite the changes in her life, Patti continues to cherish the memories of her time with Herb and their shared love for hockey.

Net Worth

As of the available information, there are no publicly disclosed details regarding Patti Brooks’ net worth. However, at the time of his passing, Herb Brooks’ net worth was estimated to be approximately $1.5 million.

Patti Brooks, the wife of legendary hockey coach Herb Brooks, has been a steadfast supporter of her husband’s legacy and an important figure in the world of hockey. Her vivid memories of the 1980 Winter Olympics and her husband’s accomplishments continue to inspire and captivate fans of the sport. Through her stories and involvement in events honoring Herb, Patti ensures that his memory and the “Miracle on Ice” will never be forgotten.

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