Everything About Mark Feehily: Wiki, Married, Daughter, Net Worth, Salary and Bio

Mark Feehily Bio:

Mark Feehily is a singer and songwriter of Irish origin. Since 1998 to 2012, Mark Feehily was one of the lead vocalists of the popular Irish boy band called Westlife. Popular entertainment personality Louis Walsh managed the band and helped them garner success throughout the world.

As per the bio obtained online, Mark Feehily’s birth name is Markus Michael Patrick Feehily. He was born on 28 May 1980 in Sligo, Ireland to father Oliver Feehily and mother Marie Feehily. He grew up with his two younger brothers and cousins in his Sligo hometown. He was interested in sports like football and tennis since his early days.

As per the bio obtained in Wikipedia, Markus Michael Patrick Feehily has openly declared himself as a homosexual in an interview with the British tabloid called ‘The Sun’. He has revealed that he knew about his sexual orientation since his early teenage days. His band members of the Westlife, family and close relatives also knew of his homosexuality except for the band manager, Louis Walsh. Since the time was not right and he was the only gay member of the band, Mark Feehily decided to keep his sexuality away from the limelight. He came out in 2005. Despite being a gay, Mark has accepted that he has dated a number of girls. Most of his fans are girls too.

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Mark Feehily rose to instant fame after ‘Westlife’ broke charts with their music all over the world. Apart from group vocal, he has also provided solo vocal in songs like Imaginary Diva, Moon River, Talk Me Down and few more. After departing from the group, Mark Feehily also worked as a solo artist.

Mark Feehily Married:

Mark Feehily dated photographer Kevin McDaid after the duo first met in January 2005. They were in a living relation until the pair got engaged in 2010 but they separated in a few months despite the news of getting married soon. Currently, there is no news about his dating life and we don’t know if he is still single.

Mark Feehily Daughter:

Mark Feehily is not married so he probably has no daughter unless if he has adopted one. Though there are rumors about his adopted daughter, we cannot accept it unless we have verification from the concerned authorities.

Mark Feehily Net Worth and Salary: How much is Mark Feehily net worth?

As per reports made available by some online sources, Mark Feehily is estimated to have a net worth of 18 million dollars. His actual yearly salary is not known though. He garnered such huge worth from the earnings from the band, his solo career, and the revenue through the football club he owns. Mark Feehily’s net worth and annual salary may increase if his solo career goes well like his band career and we hope it does.

Mark Feehily Wiki and Facts:

Mark Feehily has a Wikipedia page of his own. His personal and professional details have been published on multiple websites as well. Mark Feehily is highly involved in charity and is an active member of the charity called ‘Aware’. He is highly active on various social media as well. He was listed as one of the most influential gay personalities in the United Kingdom in 2011.

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