Everything About Ryan Phillipe’s Girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt

Who is Elsie Hewitt?

Elsie Hewitt wiki suggests that she is a renowned model who actually ended up getting all the attention when she had the assault issue with her former boyfriend Ryan Phillipe. No wonder a celebrity can go unnoticed as there are always eyes around them and it is more obvious that they get all the attention when any sort of drama occurs. Elsie Hewitt came in the highlight when the rumor of her assault was discovered, who had actually made her first debut through the music video “Underwater” alongside Garrett Lodge in 2013.

The model was a former girlfriend of actor Ryan Phillippe, the star of “Cruel Intentions”. The horrible incident that happened on 4th July left the model with serious painful bruises and chest pain. She also worked on the movie ‘mostly Ghostly; Have You Met Your Girlfriend’ and until now has earned more than 400,000 followers on her social media account. Considering Elsie Hewitt popularity, the model seems to have earned a high salary and net worth but her exact income is still yet to be disclosed.

Elsie Hewitt Age: How old is Elsie Hewitt? 

Hewitt is in her early 20s age; she has already landed in big gigs by famous brands like Guess and was in fact raised up in London until she was10 years of age. She later moved to her current living place LA and told the media that she has been working with the Playboy since she was 16 years old and is one independent girl.

Elsie Hewitt Dating and Boyfriend: Who is Elsie Hewitt husband?

Hewitt dated Ryan Phillipe. The couple started dating back in April but it was on 4th July that she opened up claiming that he assaulted her and left her with abrasions, bruising and chest pain. In the suing, she also opened the facts about Ryan using drugs like cocaine, cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, and steroids.

Elsie Hewitt Girlfriend of Ryan Phillipe Net Worth

Talking more about the drama, it actually happened on the Independence Day. But his violent actions and conduct did not stop there as he continued attacking and assaulting her. After the incident, the model went to the hospital and reported the horrifying situation to the police. Elsie Hewitt then came back with the strong self-defense slamming Ryan with a lawsuit and received more than $1 million worth in compensation. Now, this is one huge fight you do not want to get into.

Elsie Hewitt’s Net Worth: A Glimpse Into Her Financial Journey

Delving into the world of glitz and glamour, Elsie Hewitt has carved a significant financial niche for herself in the realms of modeling and acting. While definitive numbers on her net worth teeter between $300,000 to an impressive $5 million, it’s undebatable that her endeavors across photo shoots, film roles, and runway walks have played a crucial role in her financial trajectory.

Although the digital realm may offer varying figures on her earnings, with modeling estimates ranging from $21,000 to a staggering $201,000, Hewitt’s consistent growth and success in the industry testify to her expanding treasure chest. Amidst the sea of conflicting information, one thing remains clear: Elsie Hewitt’s name and net worth are rising stars in the entertainment arena.

Elsie Hewitt Bio:

According to Elsie Hewitt bio, she is the American professional model who was born on the 5th of March in 1996 and is currently at the age of 21. The beautiful model has gained more than 400k supporters on her social media accounts which show the popularity that she has earned from her work.

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She does not share any thoughts or information about her parents but the sources like wiki and other famous sites reveal that she has a younger sister who is so kind because she donated her hair to the less fortunate and infected children in 2016.

She is the older of the two siblings so she took the responsibilities on her own shoulders and be a great role model for her younger sister. Elsie belongs to the white ethnicity and stands out with her tall model like height and maintains gorgeous curves. You can surely check her bio on the internet that includes details on her life, affairs, salary and net worth.

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/elsie

Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/ElsieHewitt

Twitter– https://twitter.com/elsierosehewitt