Everything About Elizabeth Shatner: William Shatner’s Wife

Who is Elizabeth Shatner?

Elizabeth Shatner, originally named Elizabeth Joyce Anderson, is an American actress renowned primarily for being the fourth wife of iconic Canadian actor William Shatner. She has left her mark in various TV series and documentaries, showcasing her talent beyond just being a celebrity spouse. Elizabeth also has a deep-rooted passion for equestrian riding from the age of five. Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, she married William Shatner in 2001 and has children from her previous marriage.

Elizabeth Shatner Her Husband William Shatner and Net Worth

Quick Facts About Elizabeth Shatner

Name Elizabeth Shatner
Original Name Elizabeth Joyce Anderson
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Famous For Being the fourth wife of William Shatner, acting and equestrian endeavors
Husband William Shatner (married in 2001)
Children From her first marriage
Height 5 feet 9 inches

Net Worth and Salary- How much is Elizabeth Shatner worth?

When delving into Elizabeth Shatner’s net worth, the figure stands impressively at an estimated $5 million. This American-Canadian celebrity, renowned primarily for her ties with the iconic Canadian actor William Shatner, has intricately woven her wealth from various strands of her life.

Her deep-rooted passion for equestrian riding, which ignited at the tender age of five, combined with her artistic endeavors, has contributed to her financial stature. Though Elizabeth’s journey through the financial world remains somewhat enigmatic, it’s undeniable that her marriage to William Shatner further spotlighted her assets. Dive deeper into the realm of celebrity net worths, and Elizabeth Shatner’s name shines brightly, portraying a tale of passion, artistry, and alliances.

Shatner was seen in the TV series documentary in True Hollywood Story as herself in 2002. In the same year, she appeared in the Spplat Attack video documentary. She assisted the producer in the 2002 movie Groom Lake. Elizabeth Shatner has also made appearances as herself in the video documentary of Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner.

She was seen in the 2008 TV series Balls of Steel. In the 2009 documentary, William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet, Elizabeth also appeared. She has furthermore been seen in the 2011 TV series documentary American Pickers as herself. In the same year, she was seen in the documentary the Captains. In 2012, Elizabeth Shatner was seen in the Howard Stern on Demand.

A year later she appeared in the short video of The All Glory Project. I 2014, Elizabeth made significant appearances on the TV series documentary The Shatner Project.

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Apart from acting, Shatner has also appeared in the Do You Believe in Love music video of the Huey Lewis & The News. Elizabeth Shatner net worth is known to be huge after she gained prominent for being the wife of William Shatner. Elizabeth Shatner salary comes solely from her work in movies, documentaries and TV series like Entertainment Tonight, The Captains, Howard Stern on Demand, and more. Elizabeth Shatner’s salary and net worth are said to increase in the coming days through her promising future projects.

Who is Elizabeth Shatner married to? 

Elizabeth Shatner married to her husband William Shatner in 2001. Elizabeth Shatner’s husband William Shatner is a well-known Canadian actor who is known best for his work on Star Trek, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Boston Legal, and more.

He is known to be a legend in the TV arena. Together, the couple has also written the song titled Together on William Shatner’s Has Been album. When they got married, people were amazed to hear that the couple had a 27-year difference.

Elizabeth Shatner Her Husband William Shatner and Net Worth

However, the couple has not had rumors of extramarital affair or divorce till date. The couple does not have any kids together. But, from her first marriage, she has got kids. Elizabeth was previously married to her first husband Michael Gleen Martin. The couple married in 1982 and had a divorce in 1997.

Elizabeth Shatner height and age: What is Elizabeth Shatner height?

Elizabeth Shatner height is that of an average American woman. Elizabeth Shatner height is noted to be 5 feet 9 inches. Elizabeth Shatner age has not stopped her from taking up new opportunities in the acting arena. She has perfectly maintained her figure even at this age. Elizabeth has long blonde hair.

Elizabeth Shatner wiki:

Elizabeth Shatner is appreciated and recognized for her remarkable work in the field of acting and is an inspiration to many aspiring actresses in the present age.

Elizabeth Shatner is particularly famous on twitter with 6 thousand followers keeping track of her personal and professional life. Elizabeth Shatner bio is found on her IMDB page. Elizabeth Shatner wiki and bio are available on numerous social media sites that she is active on.

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/elizshatnre

Twitter– https://twitter.com/elizshatner