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Chelsie Kyriss

Everything About Chelsie Kyriss: Antonio Brown Girlfriend

Last Updated: January 1, 2024
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Who is Chelsie Kyriss?

American soccer wide receiver and punt returner for your Pittsburgh Steelers of your National Football League Antonio Brown’s girlfriend is Chelsie Kyriss. Chelsie was born on Sept 1, 1989, in Springboro, Ohio. She’s one of two children. Her older brother is Christopher, who’s 29 years old.

This couple has two children. Both are boys and their names are Ali and Autonomy.

Chelsie Kyriss antonio brown girlfriend and children
Name Chelsie Kyriss
Date of Birth Sept 1, 1989
Place of Birth Springboro, Ohio
Country   United States
Net worth $71 million (Antonio Brown’s net worth)
Age          32 Years, 1 Months
Wife/Husband Antonio Brown
Profession Consumer Resource Manager

About Chelsie Kyriss BoyFriend

The Antonio Treatment as LA Ink, that’s a Television program documentary and the show host.

He started to design homes and restaurants in Manhattan and NY and worked for the photographer David LaChapelle. His work as a designer accumulated approbation, that led him to work for a few of the most well-known names in the market like Madonna, Eminem, and even George Clooney.

Antonio played college football. There he earned All American honours as a punt returner in 2008 and 2009. Antonio was 195th in the 6th round of the 2010 National Football League Draft.

Around Antonio Brown – Antonio’s father is your Arena Football League star Eddie Brown that is retired. Eddie is regarded as the best League football player of all time. His cousin is also the NY Jets wide receiver, Kenbrell Thompkins. We believe its all! – Brown childhood.

During a month, during his senior year of high school, he moved whatever friends sofas he could find staying.

Early Life of Antonio Browns and Chelsie Kyriss

 Brown was thin in high school he was known by your nickname was Boney Tony.

Chelsie Kyriss attended Sinclair Community College, Springboro High School. She studied schooling and graduated from Georgia Perimeter College from the year 2011.

Chelsie Kyriss’s Educational Journey

  • Birth: Chelsie Kyriss was born in Ohio, United States, on August 31, 1989.

  • High School:

    • She attended Springboro High School.
  • Higher Education:

    • Chelsie enrolled at Sinclair Community College after her high school.
    • She successfully graduated from Sinclair Community College in 2010.
    • There are speculations about her possibly attending Georgia Perimeter College, but clear details are not available.

Unfortunately, in-depth details regarding Chelsie Kyriss’s educational journey beyond her time at Sinclair Community College are limited. Her recognition in the public eye primarily stems from her relationship with an ex-NFL star, which often overshadows her personal achievements and background.

Chelsie Career

Chelsie Kyriss – Antonio Browns Lady Chelsie Kyriss was a sales agent at Victoria between July 2009, and Sept. She also worked as an assistant tutor at Adventures Through Learning. Afterwards, at Bakers Footwear Group, she became a store manager in 2010 where she became shop manager. She’s been working as the consumer support representative at Wilton Brand Inc. Since January 2012.

On her Twitter profile, she writes, Doesn’t compares your life to others. You’ve no idea what their journey is about. She seems like a kind person.

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Chelsie Kyriss Net Worth

Breakdown of Chelsie Kyriss’s Net Worth:

  • Earnings as a Customer Service Representative: Chelsie’s main source of income is her job. Although the exact details of her salary are not disclosed, customer service representatives typically earn a consistent wage, which has contributed to her net worth.

  • Earnings from Social Media: With her status as an Instagram celebrity, Chelsie has the potential to monetize her online presence. Though the exact amount is not clear, social media influencers can earn through sponsorships, partnerships, and advertisements.

  • Connection with Antonio Brown: While Antonio Brown’s financial status is separate from Chelsie, it’s worth noting the ex-NFL player’s significant earnings, especially during their relationship in 2019. Brown has a whopping net worth of around $20 million, earned primarily from his American football career, endorsements, and other ventures.

Antonio Previous Relation and Child

Antonio formerly was in a relationship along with Shameika Brailsford. The couple had their first kid, Antonio Brown Jr. Who on a regular basis attends training camp with his father. He’s famously known as AB Junior. Antonio and Shameika didn’t stay together for far too long. They even had a lengthy lawsuit in your court regarding custody of your children.

Lastly, Brown signed a 42.5 mill five-year expansion deal along with Th Steelers in 2012 and agreed t pay 5k per month in kid support. He also put 5k int a trust from case kid expenses exceeded the support h pays.

Meet with Chelsie in 2014

Afterwards, Chelsie came to his life, and your new couple has been happy together since then. Many times the question of marriage issue was raised from none other than his teammate Ben Roethlisberger.

We’ve heard that he keeps on asking Brown and Chelsie when are they getting married. To this, Antonio told him that he kind of needs to grow into your whole marriage thing, besides matters between him and Chelsie are just significant how they’re.

We can see Chelsie Kyriss as Antonio Brown’s wife because if Antonio will marry in the future, Chelsie Kyriss will surely become Antonio Brown’s spouse.

antonio brown wife and sons


  1. Who is Chelsie Kyriss?

    • Chelsie Kyriss is an Instagram celebrity, social media personality, and a customer service representative, known for being the estranged partner of ex-NFL star Antonio Brown.
  2. What is Chelsie Kyriss’s net worth?

    • As of the latest reports, Chelsie Kyriss has an estimated net worth of $200,000.
  3. How does Chelsie Kyriss earn her money?

    • Chelsie primarily earns from her job as a customer service representative. Additionally, her social media presence offers opportunities for monetization, although exact amounts are unknown.
  4. What is Antonio Brown’s net worth?

    • Antonio Brown, the ex-NFL star and Chelsie’s ex-partner, has an estimated net worth of around $20 million as of 2023.

Social Media Profiles of Chelsie Kyriss:

Chelsie Twitter: Twitter

Facebook : Facebook

Instagram: Insta

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