Baker Mayfield Girlfriend Morgan Mayberry and Emily Wilkinson

Baker Mayfield girlfriend is a favorite topic. And, when you’re . 1 general choice with the burden of saving a Cleveland franchise, then there’s lots of attention on you. Let’s take a trip by what we know, newest first.

Baker Mayfield and Emilly get Married on 14 Jully 2019. Baker Share his marriage picture on instagram and said that

“The Mayfields… Last week was a real-life dream. An unbelievable day surrounded by family and friends. Excited to start the next chapter of our journey together @ewilkinson, love you, Em Lou.”


Baker Mayfield’s Lady Emily Wilkinson – Emily Wilkinson is a brand new title to us, but boy this one transferred fast. Since, in fact, Emily is in fact about to become Baker Mayfield’s wife.

That’s right folks. Soon after the draft, Baker fell on a knee and put a ring on it. But, it’s tough to blame him. Emily used to function as a plastic surgery coordinator but gave up that profession to move to Cleveland with Baker. 

Suppose it comes in handy she doubles as an Instagram model, with followers to the six figures. She often posts picture shoots with legit photogs on the market. No word yet on when the marriage will occur, but the eyes of Cleveland is going to be on them.

2016 2017:

Baker Mayfield’s Lady Morgan Mayberry – Now, Morgan came to the film only a few months after her separation from Baillie.

baker mayfield girlfriend Morgan Mayberry

Morgan comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma and at the University of Oklahoma. Considering that Baker is this quarterback of this Sooners, Morgan borrows all of the home games. The website The Sports Daily posted on them on May 26, 2017. 

They said this trip this couple took to St. Lucia at that time. Later in this year, on June 26, this Baker Mayfields Lady attended his cousin’s marriage. Baker said he felt lucky to attend this marriage with Morgan.

On June 12, he said she never left his side in all his ups, downs, flaws, and mistakes. Baker told her that her love never faded and that she’s his inspiration and motivation.

On Apr 15, Baker thanked Morgan for making his birthday this best one yet. He also told her that her kind heart means everything to him. He himself wished her a happy birthday on March 16. 

That Specific tribute post was long and contained Baker Mayfield girlfriend posing with him on the beach. He told her she had been his best friend and said it had been a blessing to be with her every day. They also celebrated New Years together in 2017 in New Orleans.

According to Baker, there was a limited curfew so their picture was a false midnight photo. During Christmas, Baker talked on the way he ventured home to spend Christmas with his family, but he said he missed Morgan during that time.

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Earlier in December, Morgan attended this Heisman awards ceremony with Baker. Alliteration for the win! Baillie comes from Austin, Texas originally, and she was able to innovate in beauty pageants.

Morgan Mayberry had been also a soccer player at Oklahoma State but is now finished with school. But good lord, Baillie is a social creature.

Social Media Accounts of Baker Mayfield Girlfriend:

Morgan Mayberry Facebook: FB

Emilly Wilkinson Facebook: FB

Morgan Instagram: Insta

Emilly Instagram: Emilly

Mayberry Twitter: Morgan

Emilly Twitter: Twitter

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