Shawna Morris: Baseball Player Jimmy Morris’ Wife

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Who is Shawna Morris?

Shawna Morris is the wife of former professional baseball player Jimmy Morris. They got married in 2002, and together they have a daughter named Chelsey. The couple resides near San Antonio, Texas. Shawna is a Christian and has influenced her husband to become dedicated to the Christian life.

Quick Facts About Shawna Morris

Name Shawna Morris
Residence Near San Antonio, Texas
Religion Christian
Husband Jimmy Morris
Children Chelsey Morris

Shawna Morris’s Professional Life

Shawna Morris has been working with the NMPF since 2003, where she leads the organization’s efforts to advance beneficial dairy trade policies. She works closely with the U.S. and foreign governments, as well as domestic and international allied organizations, to maximize U.S. dairy export opportunities and promote a more balanced global playing field for the U.S. dairy sector. In addition to her role at NMPF, Shawna also serves as a confidential trade advisor to the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office and the Department of Commerce.

Before joining NMPF, Shawna worked for an economic consulting firm. She is a graduate of the College of William & Mary and a past Chair of the U.S. International Dairy.

Shawna and Jimmy Morris’s Relationship

Jimmy Morris, also known as “The Rookie,” is a former professional baseball player who gained fame for his late entry into Major League Baseball at the age of 35. He was previously married to Lorri Morris, with whom he has three children: Hunter, Jessica, and Jaimee. After his divorce from Lorri in 2002, Jimmy married Shawna Morris.

Shawna and Jimmy’s relationship began with a blind date, which led to their marriage in 2002. They have since been a supportive couple, with Shawna being a constant source of support for Jimmy as he transitioned from his baseball career to becoming a motivational speaker.


Shawna Morris is not only a supportive partner to her husband, Jimmy Morris, but also a successful professional in her own right. Her work in advancing beneficial dairy trade policies has made a significant impact on the U.S. dairy sector. Together, Shawna and Jimmy Morris exemplify the importance of mutual support and understanding in both personal and professional aspects of life.