Shannon Szczerbiak: Everything About Wally Szczerbiak’s Wife

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Who is Shannon Szczerbiak?

Shannon Szczerbiak, born Shannon Elizabeth Ward on April 4, 1997, is widely known as the wife of former basketball player Wally Szczerbiak. Wally played for various NBA teams and later transitioned into sports broadcasting, working as a color commentator for the MSG Network covering the New York Knicks. The couple got married on July 1, 2000, and have five children together: Annabella Rose, Amberly Roseanna, Maximus Jack, Savanna Blue, and Xavier Wynn.

Wally Szczerbiak played for various teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) before transitioning into sports broadcasting. Wally has worked as a color commentator for the MSG Network, covering the New York Knicks.

Quick Facts About Shannon Szczerbiak

Name Shannon Elizabeth Ward
Date of birth April 4, 1997
Nationality American
Spouse Wally Szczerbiak
Children Annabella Rose, Amberly Roseanna, Maximus Jack, Savanna Blue, and Xavier Wynn

Early Life and Personal Background

Not much information is available about Shannon’s early life and personal background. In contrast, her husband, Wally Szczerbiak, was born in Madrid, Spain, on March 5, 1977, during his father Walter’s tenure as a former ABA player with Real Madrid. Wally spent a significant portion of his childhood in Europe due to his father’s basketball career before returning to Long Island, New York, where he attended high school in Cold Spring Harbor.

Educational and Career

Details about Shannon’s education and career are limited. Some reports suggest that she once worked as a Marketing Intern at Honeywell Specialty Materials. In contrast, Wally attended Miami University in Ohio, where he played basketball and led his team to two NCAA tournaments.

Married Life and Family

Wally Szczerbiak’s Wife Shannon Szczerbiak

Shannon and Wally first crossed paths during their time at Miami University in Ohio and eventually tied the knot on July 1, 2000. The couple is blessed with five children: three daughters named Annabella Rose, Amberly Roseanna, and Savanna Blue, as well as two sons named Maximus Jack and Xavier Wynn. Their eldest daughter, Annabella, is pursuing a career related to equine studies at the University of Kentucky.

Physical Stats

While specific physical statistics for Shannon are not publicly available, her husband, Wally, stands at an impressive 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm) tall and weighs 244 lbs (111 kg).

Net Worth

Wally Szczerbiak’s estimated net worth is approximately $35 million. Over the course of his 10-year NBA career, he earned more than $70 million in salaries. Unfortunately, information about Shannon’s net worth is not accessible.

Social Media Profiles

There is no public information available regarding Shannon’s social media profiles. However, Wally Szczerbiak maintains an active presence on Twitter under the handle @wallyball.

In summary, Shannon Szczerbiak is primarily known as the spouse of former NBA player Wally Szczerbiak. While details about her early life, education, and career remain relatively unknown, Shannon and Wally have shared a marital bond since the year 2000 and have been blessed with five children.