Muggsy Bogues Wife Kim Bogues
Muggsy Bogues Wife Kim Bogues

Muggsy Bogues Wife: Everything About Kim Bogues

Last Updated: September 15, 2023
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Who is Muggsy Bogues Spouse Kim Bogues?

Kim Bogues is the wife of retired American basketball player Muggsy Bogues. The couple got married in 1989, separated and divorced in the mid-90s, and then remarried seven years ago. They have a son named Ty Bogues, who got married to Julia Bogues in 1991. Unfortunately, there is no information available in the search results about Kim Bogues’ date of birth, age, zodiac sign, place of birth, residence, ethnicity, religion, education, profession, original name, or net worth. However, we can create a table with the available information as follows:

Quick Facts About Kim Bogues
Name Kim Bogues
Husband Muggsy Bogues
Children Ty Bogues

Meeting and First Marriage

Muggsy Bogues Wife Kim Bogues

Kim Bogues, an American personality, is best known as the wife of former basketball player Muggsy Bogues. The couple’s love story began at a Dunbar High School alumni game in 1984. They welcomed their daughter, Brittney, in 1987 and decided to tie the knot in 1989. Muggsy Bogues enjoyed a successful NBA career, playing for teams such as the Washington Bullets, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors.

Separation and Reconciliation

Unfortunately, Muggsy and Kim faced a period of separation in 1995, culminating in an official divorce in 1997. However, love found its way back to them, and in 2015, they decided to remarry. Since then, they have been living happily together, focusing on their family and various endeavors.

Kim Bogues’ Career and Interests

Kim Bogues has pursued a diverse career, working as a talent manager and contributing to the success of various musical and acting talents. Additionally, she is a professional chef renowned for her delicious recipes. Kim passionately shares her culinary creations on her Instagram account (@bogues67).

In addition to her work as a chef, Kim is the founder and CEO of Flourish Business Consulting. She brings a wealth of expertise in business development, marketing, public relations, corporate facilities, budgeting, and creating policies and procedures.

Family and Philanthropy

Muggsy and Kim are proud parents to three children: Tyisha, Brittney, and Tyrone Jr. They also hold the cherished title of grandparents to two grandchildren, aged 16 and 22. The couple is deeply committed to philanthropy through the Muggsy Bogues Family Foundation, which focuses on addressing education, food insecurity, and job training for underserved communities. Kim actively participates in this mission by preparing hearty meals for families in need.

Lessons Learned and Parenting

Muggsy and Kim have gleaned valuable lessons from their experiences in marriage, divorce, and remarriage. They emphasize the importance of co-parenting and maintaining a united front when raising their children. Their parenting philosophy centers on instilling good values, respect, a strong work ethic, and nurturing a grateful heart in their children.

In conclusion, Muggsy and Kim Bogues’ love story serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and the paramount importance of family. Through their various endeavors and philanthropic work, they have made a positive impact on their community, inspiring others with their resilience and unwavering dedication to helping those in need.

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