Everything About kevin durant wife: Cassandra Anderson

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Who is Cassandra Anderson, kevin durant wife?

Cassandra Anderson, born on May 25, 1990, in California, USA, is widely recognized for her relationship with NBA star Kevin Durant. With an impressive height of 6’1”, Anderson played volleyball during her college years. She holds American nationality with African-American ethnicity. Currently residing in Pleasanton, California, Cassandra works as a realtor. Her association with real estate began in 2016 with Rodeo Realty Brentwood in Los Angeles, followed by a role at Berkshire Hathaway in 2017.

kevin durant wife Cassandra Anderson

Quick Facts About Cassandra Anderson

Name Cassandra Anderson
Date of Birth May 25, 1990
Age 33
Place of Birth California, USA
Residence Pleasanton, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Realtor

Early Life and Achievements

Cassandra Anderson, born on May 25, 1990, in sunny California, showcased her athleticism from an early age. Standing at 6’1″, she harnessed her height advantage and turned to volleyball. By the time she was 31, her reputation as a formidable player was undeniable. Her accolades, such as the three-time offensive MVP and the Bakersfield Californian Player of the Year in 2007, speak for themselves.

Though her roots trace back to California, her education brought her to the University of Florida. Here, her passion for volleyball continued, playing for the renowned Gators team. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in entertainment and tourism in 2012, Anderson transitioned into the world of real estate. By 2017, she became a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale properties in California, showcasing her versatility and ambition.

Cassandra Anderson & Kevin Durant: A Relationship in the Spotlight

Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets sensation, has had his fair share of relationships plastered across headlines with Monica Wright and Lana Rhoades current relationship. But amongst these, his connection with Cassandra Anderson stood out. Allegedly dating around 2017, the two were often spotted together, be it at Golden State Warrior games or on their respective social media accounts.


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However, relationships under the limelight are rarely easy. By 2020, signs of their separation became evident. Anderson’s deletion of her Instagram account further fueled speculation. While the exact timeline and reasons remain shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that they have since gone their separate ways.

Where is Cassandra Anderson Now?

After her relationship with Durant, Anderson has largely stayed out of the media’s glare. Focusing on her realty career, she’s carved a name for herself at Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale properties. Anderson’s dedication to her profession highlights that there’s more to her than just being Kevin Durant’s ex-flame.

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Net worth and salary: How much is Cassandra Anderson’s earnings per year?

While exact figures regarding Cassandra Anderson’s net worth remain undisclosed, we can get a sense of her financial standing by looking at her ex-partner, Kevin Durant. As of 2021, Durant boasts a staggering net worth of $170 million.

Height and weight: How tall is Cassandra Anderson?

Cassandra Anderson stands tall at 6’1”, a height that served her well during her volleyball days.

Interesting Facts about Cassandra Anderson:

  1. Volleyball Prodigy: Anderson’s volleyball prowess was evident early on, bagging numerous awards throughout her school and college years.
  2. Realty Stint: Transitioning from sports to real estate, Anderson has made a mark in both fields, showcasing her versatility.

FAQ About Cassandra Anderson:

Was Cassandra Anderson married to Kevin Durant?

No, the pair were in a relationship but never took the step towards matrimony.

What is Cassandra Anderson’s profession now?

She is currently a successful realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale properties in California.

Does Cassandra Anderson have any siblings?

While it’s known that Anderson has siblings, specific details remain undisclosed.

To conclude, Cassandra Anderson’s story is a testament to the multifaceted lives individuals lead beyond the media’s portrayal. While her relationship with Kevin Durant might have brought her into the spotlight, her achievements, both in sports and realty, make her stand out in her own right. Whether it’s on the volleyball court, or in the complex world of real estate, Anderson showcases dedication and prowess, proving that there’s more to her story than just being known as Kevin Durant’s wife.