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Everything About Matt Drudge: Wiki, Married, Gay, Relationship, Net Worth, Religion, and Height

Who is Matt Drudge?

Matt Drudge is a political commentator and internet news editor. He is also the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, a politically conservative American news aggregator.

Drudge was born on 27th of December in the year of 1966, which makes his age 50. He was born as Matthew Nathan Drudge in Takoma Park, Maryland near Washington to Robert Drudge who was a formal social worker and his mother was a staff attorney. When Drudge was only 6 years old, he had to see his parents’ separation; it was tragic for a young child.

Matt Drudge followed the region, Reform Judaism. He is a proud citizen of America and belongs to white ethnicity. He has a tall height and healthy baby compliments his personality. He attended a private elementary school in Takoma Park, Maryland and after that, he joined the Northwood High School in Maryland State’s Montgomery County. Drudge was not a bright student; he graduated as the 341st put of 355 students in Northwood High School.

Net worth and salary: What is Matt Drudge salary per year?

In 1989, Drudge moved to Los Angeles having saved enough money to get away from his earlier life. He started to work worked for Time-Life Books as a telemarketer at the CBS gift shop in Hollywood. He picked little snippets of gossip information about the television network and slowly started to have political touch in it. Then Drudge began to post information on his website named “Drudge Report”. In 1997, it got so popular and he had over fifty thousand subscribers who craved for his real-time news.

His website and Twitter account update the people about their news aggregation website and post news. Day by day, his followers are increasing and it has reached to 1.3 million followers. And he has 42,000 Facebook fans. It gives an enormous power and cycles to turn the country’s mindset into a matter of a tweet.

Besides his website, Drudge also hosts a Saturday night television show “Drudge” on Fox News Channel and a Sunday night talk radio show syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks named “Drudge Report”. He is also an editor and founder of “Drudge Report”. The prominent host earned a massive $3500 a day in advertising revenues alone. Matt Drudge has been able to earn a massive net worth and salary. It is estimated that Matt Drudge’s net worth is approximately $90 million.

Is Matt Drudge married? Who is Matt Drudge wife?

Despite Drudge’s life as a public image, Drudge’s sexuality is still a matter of controversy. There are rumors about Matt Drudge being sexually gay. But Matt Drudge himself has claimed that he is not gay and is heterosexual. It was reported that Matt Drudge being in a relationship with David Cohen who is the Washington D.C. and David confirmed the news with The New York Daily News.

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Then after this relationship, he was accused as gay after he gifted a $700,000 worth of property to his roommate, Juan Carlos Alvarado. In spite of his multiple relationships with men, matt Grudge denies being a gay in interviews. Matt Grudge revealed that he is straight and was once set to get married but couldn’t tie the knot and he is not married till date. However, his girlfriends have not been discussed by any media.

Wiki and facts:

Matt Drudge also has published a book in 2000 called Drudge Manifesto adding to his career versatility. Drudge is a huge supporter of Donald Trump ever since his presidential candidacy. To grab more info, bio, and wiki about Matt Drudge, you can visit wiki sites such as Wikipedia, IMDb, and other sources too.

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