Everything About Faye Hadley: Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Married, Husband and Salary

Who is Faye Hadley?

Faye Hadley, born on 25th September 1986 in the USA as Lafayette Lewis, is an accomplished automotive technician, marking her presence in the primarily male-dominated automotive industry. Faye’s diverse roles range from being a businessperson, TV show co-star, to an educator.

Owner of Pistons and PixieDust mobile auto repair, co-host of MotorTrend’s AllGirls Garage, and co-founder of Women And Machine, she’s also an educator, holding workshops for women. With a background in psychology from Harvard University, Faye combines her passion for cars and education, setting a unique benchmark in the automotive world. Living in Texas with her husband Brandon Hadley, Faye Hadley’s achievements have garnered her a net worth of $500,000.

Quick Facts About Faye Hadley

Name Faye Hadley
Date of birth 25th September 1986
Age 34
Zodiac Sign Libra
Place of Birth USA
Residence Texas
Nationality American
Profession Automotive Technician
Education Harvard University (Psychology in 2010)
Husband Brandon Hadley
Net Worth $500,000
Original Name Lafayette Lewis

The Early life

She was born on September 25, 1986, as Faye Hadley. American nationality is what Faye Hadley holds due to her American birthplace. She practises Christianity. Her father earned his Ph.D. at MIT. She excelled in school from a young age because of her aptitude for learning. In middle school, she realised that she wanted to work as a mechanic. However, she felt compelled to attend Harvard University after being admitted. In 2010, she graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology, and she immediately began working as a therapist. She wasn’t content, though.

“My mother observed that I was happiest when working on a car-related issue. “Faye, you have nothing to prove to anyone,” she said. You only have one life, Hadley says in her memory. “I sobbed. I called my employer after that, gave two weeks’ notice, and moved to Portland. Ten years later, Hadley relocated to San Antonio and Canyon Lake, where she established Pistons & Pixie Dust, a mobile repair service that also provides training on fundamental and advanced mechanics for women.

“After my first term at Harvard, I experienced a crisis in my early years. After examinations, I was making my way to my apartment when I spotted this Volkswagen GTI with an Alaskan licence plate. I knew I wanted to travel the United States after the owner informed me that he was doing so. I consequently dropped all of my on-campus classes for the following semester and enrolled in as many online courses as I could, which was just enough to get the 12 credits I required to maintain my scholarship.I bought a GTI with the money I had saved, and I embarked on a long road trip,” she said. Soon, more details about her early years, parents, siblings, and other things will be added. 2019 saw the celebration of her 33rd birthday. Her age is therefore 33.

Married life

Even before she knew she was destined for success, Faye Hadley found her significant other fairly early. On September 25, 2016, her birthday, she was married to Brandon Hadley, her closest friend and confidant. Her close friends and both families were there to witness the event, but we didn’t get an invitation.

Faye Hadley and her husband’s shared love story began long before 2015. On December 25th, 2015, he posted their first Instagram picture together while gushing over her. Since then, they have been dating and have travelled the nation together on his motorcycle.

After nearly two years of dating, Brandon asked her to marry him at the beginning of 2016, and she happily accepted. He presently works as a wood artist, and he has a tonne of examples of his work all over Instagram. It’s probably safe to assume that she wed a handyman similar to herself. The pair is not currently planning to have children, but we can’t completely rule out the possibility.


Faye did well in the academics she took at school. Ph.D. of her father She was greatly impacted by MIT during her adolescence.

In middle school, she had made the decision that she wanted to be a mechanic. However, she realised she had to go when admitted to Harvard University.

Faye experienced her first early-life crisis during her first semester of college. She wasn’t sure if going to college was the correct decision.

School Local High School
College/University Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Qualification Degree in Psychology


She began working as a therapist after earning her psychology degree, which she did for a living. She wasn’t content with the work she had picked up, though. After that, she relocated to Portland in order to accomplish her objectives.

At the end, Hadley performed free labour at a garage. She attended a neighbourhood community college when she was younger and took a few classes there.

After that, Hadley started working for a Toyota dealership. She made effective use of her time there. She gained fresh knowledge.

She received numerous Toyota certifications.

Hadley agreed to work in a different garage after that. The antique automobiles are the garage’s specialty.

Piston & PixieDust (mobile car repair and education by women and for women) is the name of her own auto repair and education foundation in San Antonio, Texas.

Additionally, she conducts numerous popular hands-on courses for women. Just two examples of the topics she covers in her lectures include how to buy and sell an automobile without being taken advantage of. She also discusses the fundamentals of engine design.

Faye Hadley TV Shows

Faye Hadley joined the cast of the popular Motor Trend TV programme “All Girls Garage,” which first featured all-girl mechanics and automobile enthusiasts, since she is succeeding well in the automotive sector and has excellent expertise and skills. A character in the programme is Faye with Sarah’ Bogi’ Lateiner, previously Cristy Lee.

This programme is intended to inspire women and girls interested in the automotive industry to pursue this line of work. Additionally, they share some auto repair advice and lessons learned and demonstrate how they work with customers to turn their old car into a new one or repair any car.

Faye Hadley works not only on “All Girls Garage,” but also on the reality programme “Motor MythBusters.” Faye collaborates on this programme with Tory Belleci, Bisi Ezerioha, and other celebrities who reveal the reality about common misconceptions in the auto business.

In addition to these, she was highlighted in a programme called “Best of Top Gear,” which also featured a number of Hot Rod Designers and Reality Show Stars. She amassed thousands of fans on social media and rose to fame on reality TV shows.

Physical States

Height 5’8″ (in ft. & in.)
1.72 m (in meters)
172 cm (in centimeters){Approx.}
Weight 121 lbs. (in pounds)
55 kg (in kilograms) {Approx.}
Eyes Color Brown
Hairs Color Black
Body Measurements Not Known
Body Type Slim & Fit

Faye Hadley Net Worth

The majority of Faye Hadley’s income comes from her employment as an auto technician. She started the mobile automotive repair and instruction business Pixie & PixieDust. Her monetary value is roughly $500,000.

Interesting Facts About Faye Hadley

  • In the early 2000s, Jesse, an automobile expert, introduced Faye to the local VW club, where various motor specialists gather. Jesse afterwards served as Faye’s mentor. Jesse taught her a lot about engine swaps and motor repairs.
  • Faye initially works another job for the government testing EPA, coolant, fuel, oil, and other automobile components and items. She leaves and enrols in various classes to gain a solid understanding of automotive and abilities because she enjoys educating and teaching people about it. After that, she opened “Pistons and Pixie Dust,” her own garage.
  • Sarah Bogi was the proprietor of the Phoenix, Arizona-based All Girls Garage. The show’s stars include Sarah as well. Rachel De Barros, the previous co-host, took over for Faye.
  • Faye is a Toyota Specialist and an ASE Certified Master Technician.

Social Media Accounts of Faye Hadley

Faye Hadley, who strives to amplify the voices of women worldwide, has 55.7K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has more than 38.6K followers on Instagram and uses both platforms to instruct her admirers on automotive topics. She also conducts practical daylong instruction seminars at car workshops located all throughout the nation.