Who is Josh Allen’s Girlfriend, Brittany Williams?

Who is Brittany Williams?

Josh Allen’s girlfriend Brittany Williams, aged 21, is renowned for her time as a Fresno State cheerleader and her influential presence on Instagram. With her distinct gray eyes and blonde hair, she’s also recognized as the girlfriend of NFL’s Josh Allen. Delve deeper into Brittany’s achievements and personal details.


She is the stunning girlfriend of Josh Allen, the 6’5″ quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen also played college football for the Wyoming Cowboys at the University of Wyoming. Prior to receiving a scholarship from Wyoming, Allen played at Reedley College. Josh was the 7th overall selection selected by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

The early life of Brittany Williams

The 21-year-old Brittany Williams is one of two children born to Denise and Chris Williams, Superintendent at Paso Robles Joint Unified School District and a Fresno State graduate.

Brittany has one older brother, Jordan (Fresno State 2015 graduate) who lives in Kentucky with his new wife Chessa Whaten Williams.

Quick Facts about Brittany Williams

Category Details
Name Brittany Williams
Age 21 years old
Education Graduated in 2014 from Clovis North Educational Center; Current student at Fresno State
Famous For Girlfriend of Josh Allen; Fresno State Cheerleader
Relationship Status In a relationship with Josh Allen
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Eye Color Gray eyes
Hair Color Blonde
Net Worth Estimated between $60,000 and $200,000


Brittany Williams graduated in 2014, from Clovis North educational Center in Clovis, California. Subsequently got into Fresno State, where she is a member of the cheerleading squad and from where she expects to graduate in 2018.

About Relationship with Josh Allen

Brittany Williams and josh Allen started dating in 2016, according to their Instagram, but they’ve known each other since they were kids. Both grew up in Firebaugh, California, a small town 40 miles outside of Fresno, and attended Firebaugh High School together.

Brittany-Williams-with-Josh-Allens Net Worth

“My 8 year old crush turned out to be my boyfriend a few years later. I love you! #1yeardown #bae,” she wrote last year. In another Instagram post, she wished him a happy birthday and thanked him for “flirting with me when we were 8 years old.”

Brittany Calls Josh Her “8 Year Old Crush”

Brittany Williams and Josh Allen grew up together, but did not start dating until college. Williams posted a photo of the two together at Laguna Beach with this caption.

“My 8 year old crush turned out to be my boyfriend a few years later?? i love you! #1yeardown #bae,” Williams wrote.


She is currently a student at Fresno State and is expected to graduate this year. She also spends time cheering as a proud member of Fresno’s cheerleading squad. Prior to attending Fresno State Brittany Williams graduated from Clovis North educational Center in Clovis, California.

May be she is trying to pursue her dancing or acting career.

Brittany Was a Cheerleader at Fresno State

Brittany Williams spent four years as a Fresno State cheerleader. Her senior year was capped off with a special moment as her dad was an honorary captain during Fresno State’s homecoming game.

“It was so special that my dad was the honorary captain of my senior homecoming game❤love him,” Williams posted.

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When Williams was not cheering on the Bulldogs, she took time to visit Wyoming to watch Allen play.

Physical States of Brittany Williams

Age: 21 years old.

Weight: We tried to find information regarding to Brittany Williams weight , but not found much.

Height: 5 ft 8 inches

Eye Color: Gray eyes

Hair Color: Blonde

Favorite things

The things we notice that she like either her carrier or as favorite things are dancing and acting. The one thing she like the most is spending time with her boyfriend josh Allen.   

Brittany Williams’ Net Worth and Salary

Brittany Williams is not just recognized as an Instagram influencer and trainer, but also for her personal relationship with the renowned NFL quarterback, Josh Allen. With her increasing popularity both on and off the field, there’s been a lot of speculation about her financial growth and current net worth. Here’s what we have deduced from the available data:

  • Estimated Net Worth: As of 2023, Brittany’s net worth is pegged somewhere between $60,000 and $200,000. It’s important to note that this range is an estimate and might not entirely reflect her actual financial worth.

  • Factors Affecting Her Net Worth:

    • Instagram Influence: Brittany has garnered attention and amassed a significant following on Instagram. This platform has enabled her to collaborate and promote various clothing and fitness brands, which surely contributes to her income.
    • Training Career: Apart from her presence on social media, Brittany’s primary occupation is that of a trainer. This career choice has not only likely provided a steady income but also elevated her status in the fitness community.
    • Speculative Growth: Although it’s hard to pinpoint the exact trajectory of Brittany’s financial path over the years, there’s reason to believe that her net worth has seen an upward trend, thanks to her growing social media following. More followers generally mean more brand deals and greater visibility, both of which can substantially boost income.
  • Salary: Precise details about Brittany’s annual salary remain undisclosed. However, considering her dual roles as an influencer and a trainer, her earnings would come from both her partnerships on social media and her training sessions or programs.

  • The Speculative Element: It’s imperative to remember that without concrete details on Brittany’s earnings, endorsements, or business deals, much of our understanding remains speculative. While her net worth estimate provides a ballpark figure, the actual numbers might differ.


We did not find exact information about her previous relationship/affairs but, in past Josh Allen is a crush of Brittany Williams.

Interesting Facts

Interesting facts Brittany Williams are:

1: Brittany Williams is not married. However, she has been in a relationship with josh Allen.

2: Brittany Williams should be in her 20s.

3: she has over 30 thousand instagram followers.

4: Brittany Was a Cheerleader at Fresno State.

5: Josh & Brittany Enjoy Attending Sporting Events Together.

6: she like acting and dance.

Brittany Williams Social Media Accounts:

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/litebritestudios/

Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/public/Brittany-Williams