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Erica Peeples

Date of Birth

May 22, 1984

Place of Birth

Mount Clemens in Detroit



Net worth



38 years’ old





Erica Peeples

Young and successful model and actress, Erica Peeples. She has been in several films and television shows. For her role as Riley Clarke in the web series The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, Erica is highly recognised. Additionally, she played Jasmine in the year 2001 episode of the Charlie Sheen comedy series Anger Management.

  • The early life of Erica Peeples:

The well-known actress is of African-American descent and is from the suburban metropolis of Mount Clemens in Detroit, Michigan.

She was raised in a home with Christian principles and is an American citizen. Her family played a major role in her ascent to fame in the acting world. Richard Peeples is her father, and Anndera Peeples works as a life coach and motivational speaker in Michigan. Although Erica Peeples’ parents split up in 2005, they are still in contact with their kids.

The father of Erica Peeples is not well known. On the other hand, Peeples posted a photo of herself with her father on Father’s Day along with the message: “Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing man I’ve ever known.”

During the True to the Game movie launch in 2017, her parents also made an appearance together. She plays Gena Hollins in the movie. In an interview, Erica and her brother Anton stated that there are 12 people in their family.

However, her mother’s Instagram profile indicates that she is a mother of four children. The precise number of her family members is unknown as a result.

  • Married life:

Richard and Anndera Peeples welcomed Erica Peeples into the world in Mount Clemens, Michigan, on May 22, 1984. Her mother is a life coach and motivational speaker, however the record indicates that her parents divorced in 2005, therefore it is unclear what her father’s occupation is. Anton is the younger brother of Erica Peeples. Her mother’s Instagram account indicates that she is a mother of four, despite the two once claiming in an interview that her family is made up of 12. As a result, it’s unclear how many people are in her family. Erica Peeples was born in the United States and presently resides in Los Angeles, California. She turned 37 in May 2021.

  • Erica Peeples Education:

Alma Mater

Mount Cinema High School

Acting Training

The Julliard School


High School Graduate

Erica Peeples graduated from Mount Cinema High School after finishing her high school coursework there. In addition, she enrolled in The Julliard School in New York to develop her acting abilities. Read about Alondra Ortiz as well.


  • Carrier and Erica Peeples Net Worth:

She joined the Mosaic theatre company after completing her acting studies and went on to appear in a number of short plays and tragedies. Her Hollywood career then began with the Today’s Special programme. The programme had its premiere in 2009 under the direction of David Kaplan. She then made a terrific showing in one of the Vicious episodes from 2015 after that. The movie’s director was Oliver Park. Because of how well she could act, she was awarded multiple tasks in the meantime. One of her most significant works was the 2019 film Fall Girl, which was directed by Chris Stokes.

With Veronica Blakney as Gina, Ben Bunnag as the party patron, Joely Fisher as Simone Wellington, Rey Herrera as Alfred Tinner, Jarell Houston as Jerome, Erica Hubbard as Tyra, Hunter Ives as Ted, Amara La Negra as Paige, Dylan Mooney as Greg, Adam Pepper as the FBI agent, Jared Phillips as Luther, Paris Phillips as Keke, and Tami Roman as Linda, she co-starred in Fall Girls. She played the part of Poppy in the movie Flint Tale that same year. The film was directed by Marc Cayce. According to reports, the movie is based on real occurrences. It was thought to have cost $850,000.

The exact net worth of Erica Peeples in 2022 is not currently available from any source. But in 2019, she did have a net worth of $500,000. She must have experienced a huge increase in her financial worth given the numerous important acting assignments she received after 2019. Because to the movie True To The Game 2, she gained additional notoriety. Erica is a well-known actress who has played a number of important roles. Her most recent endeavours include One Night In Miami, Gully, and the fourth season of All American. As a result of her efforts, the actress has accumulated a substantial wealth. By 2021, Erica Peeples’ net worth is anticipated to range from $1 million to $5 million.

  • Interesting Facts About Erica Peeples

Physical status

           Age                                   28 years’ old

           Zodiac sign                       Sagittarius

           Height                                 5 ft. 5 inches

           Weight                                 225lbs

           Nationality                       American

Favorite things

   Ashli likes to watch NFL matches from the beginning where she met with the Mike. Ashli also like to share information about the health, care and wellness on her website. She is also a lifestyle and fashion blogger.

Interesting facts

  • She was born on December 17,1993 in the Houston Taxes. And according to this, her age is the 28 year’s old.
  • In 2014, Mike Evans and Ashli fall in love with each other and they tied a knot in February 13, 2015.
  • The newly married couple went to Bora Bora and Moorea for their honeymoon.
  • Couple shared first dance on the song of Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud.
  • In 2016, Ashli gave birth her first child named Ariah.
  • Now, they have honored with two youngsters.
  • Mike also have a daughter from her previous relationship, her name is the Mackenzie.
  • Ashli was raised by her mother named Brandi Dotson. And she also has an elder brother Justin.
  • Ashli carry her own website named “All About Ashli”.
  • On her website, she shared all about the health care tips and also wellness.
  • The couple also runs the Mike Evans Family Foundation. Through this foundation they help the needy and poor children.
  • They also give scholarships to the students who don’t have enough financial resources.
  • Ashli Evans is active on her Instagram account, where she has 25.9k followers.
  • Likewise, her husband is also on Instagram and he has 574k followers.

  Social media account

   Ashli is active on her Instagram account where she has 25.9k followers. She usually posts picture along her family on this account.

 Instagram account:    @ashli_evans        

She is also active on Twitter. She has 619 followers on this account where she posts her foundation’ information and other news.

Twitter account:   @ashlievans213