Anthony Recker Wife: Everything About Kelly Shepardson

Anthony Recker and Kelly Shepardson: A Love Story

Anthony Recker is a former professional baseball catcher and first baseman who played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Oakland Athletics, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, and Atlanta Braves. Kelly Shepardson is a former Disney cast member and a Disney fanatic who loves to travel and spend time with her family. How did these two different people meet and fall in love? Here is their story.

The Beginning

Anthony and Kelly met through mutual friends in 2009 when Anthony was playing for the Sacramento River Cats, the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. They hit it off right away and started dating. Kelly supported Anthony throughout his baseball career, traveling with him to different cities and cheering him on from the stands.

The Proposal

Anthony proposed to Kelly in late 2012 when he was with the New York Mets. He popped the question at the top of the Empire State Building, with a stunning view of the city. Kelly said yes, and they celebrated with champagne and dinner.

The Wedding

Anthony and Kelly tied the knot on November 2, 2013, in a beautiful ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. The wedding was attended by their family and friends, including some of Anthony’s teammates and coaches. The couple exchanged vows and rings and then danced the night away.

The Family

Anthony and Kelly welcomed their first child, Camden Anthony Recker, on December 29, 2014. They were overjoyed to become parents and shared their happiness with their fans on social media. Two years later, they had their second son, Grady. In August 2020, they added a third little boy to their family, Nolan. Anthony and Kelly are proud and loving parents who enjoy spending time with their kids and taking them to Disney parks.

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The Present

Anthony retired from baseball in 2017 after playing for the Atlanta Braves. He then became an analyst on the Mets’ network SNY and has filled in for Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling in the booth with Gary Cohen. Kelly runs a successful Instagram account, @magickeladventures, where she shares her passion for Disney and travel with her followers. She also posts adorable pictures and videos of her family and their adventures.

Anthony and Kelly are still happily married and living in Florida. They are a perfect example of how opposites attract and how love can overcome any obstacle. They are an inspiration to many and a joy to watch.