Essence Townsend: Everything About Alex Len’s Girlfriend

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Who is Alex Len’s girlfriend Essence Townsend?

Essence Townsend, born on March 23, 1990, in Paterson, New Jersey, is a former basketball player and a model. She is well-known as the girlfriend of Ukrainian professional basketball player Alex Len who currently plays for the Sacramento Kings in the NBA. Essence and Alex have been dating since 2011, and they both attended the University of Maryland, where they played basketball for the Maryland Terrapins.

Quick Facts About Essence Townsend

Name Essence Townsend
Date of Birth March 23, 1990
Age 33
Place of Birth Paterson, New Jersey
Nationality American
Profession Former Basketball Player, Model

Early Life and Personal Background

Essence Townsend grew up in troubled Paterson, New Jersey, and attended Paterson Catholic High School. She later went on to play college basketball at the University of Maryland. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about her early life and personal background.

Educational and Career

Essence Townsend played college basketball at the University of Maryland as a center. During her time at Maryland, she contributed to the team’s success, although specific individual statistics and achievements are not readily available.

Relationship with Alex Len

Alex Len’s girlfriend Essence Townsend

Essence Townsend and Alex Len have been in a relationship since 2011. Although they are not married or engaged, they have been together for more than a decade and appear to share a strong bond.

Physical Stats

Essence Townsend stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 7 inches, which contributed to her success as a center in college basketball. However, details about her other physical stats are not available.

Net Worth

There is no information available about Essence Townsend’s net worth. However, her boyfriend, Alex Len, has an estimated net worth of approximately $3-5 million.

Social Media Profiles

Essence Townsend is active on Twitter under the handle @Unique_Essence5. Unfortunately, her Instagram profile is not accessible.

In conclusion, Essence Townsend is a former college basketball player who has been in a long-term relationship with NBA player Alex Len. While limited information is available about her personal life and career, she has been a supportive partner to Alex throughout their relationship.